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Roland Grey- Xin Kou, Shinguo

Roland took his place beside the other Knights in front of the northern gates of Xin Kou, as the horde of creatures fast approached them. A chill ran down his spine as he saw the monstrous abominations sprinting at them. They were beings the likes of which he had never seen before, and some he couldn’t even hope to describe in words. They shrilled and screeched and screamed their way towards the gates with sounds that would have made any lesser man soil themselves and run for cover. Had the knights not been who they were, they too may have ran for cover. It was the very image of these repugnant beings that caused Roland to stay his ground. He almost felt as if this gateway was the representation of the very gates of Infernum, of which these vile creatures were trying to cross over to Aerion, and he, a warrior chosen by Fortis, was to shield the people of this world from their evil. So here he would make his stand, smiting these creatures as a service to Aerion and his gods, and send their broken carcasses back into the hell the Necromancer dragged them out of. Blind romanticism of an otherwise dangerous situation perhaps, but this fusing of overconfidence and narcissism continued to serve in his advantage. One day, perhaps, it would get him killed. But not today.

Fire rose to meet the horses of Infernum. The creatures burned and screamed as the flames passed over their bodies, leaving many to suffer the blaze of Auden’s magic for the remainder of their lives, while others would fight through the pain and continue on to meet the other knights. It certainly didn’t help for the sickening smell, of which the odor was foul and potent enough to pierce even through his helmet. He ignored it, as his first opponent approached him, a half-burnt creature, standing about the same height as he, but with flesh which was peeled long before the fire had reached him. Bones stuck out from parts of the monster’s body, so distinctly so that the ones that protruded from his arms, he chose to use as his weapon of choice, a bone sword in place of an arm. Though he found the demon disturbing, he did not flinch in meeting the beast’s first blow, clashing his strike of his ‘arm’ with a blow from his sword. Unfortunately for the abomination, the knight’s blade proved too much for his bone, and the collision resulted in the blade slicing clean through the creature’s arm, and without relenting for a second, continued down to slice the demon cleanly in half. The two portions of the demon made no more movement as it fell in pieces onto the ground, with Roland stepping over it and awaiting his next enemy.

Two smaller demons sprang at him, their claws and teeth sharp, blood and bits of leftover flesh could be seen in openings between their sharp grazers. But Roland would probably consider them the equivalent of dogs. They were hellhounds, glorified wolves, and though their appearance would strike fear in many, he only saw wild beasts, and struck at them with his sword. The first hellhound bit at Roland’s sword, grabbing hold of it with his teeth and held it in place. This allowed the second one a chance to encircle the knights and attempt to pounce at him from behind. Attempting to release the demon dog’s grip on his sword, he tried to kick the beasts side, which caused a yelp, but didn’t release his weapon. The other hellhound took his position in the back of the knight, ready to pounce. In a desperate effort, he decided to push forward with his sword instead of reaching back, causing the blade to pierce into the hellhound’s mouth, cutting his jaw open, and then reaching further inside and effectively slicing the head of the beast in half. The hellhound behind Roland sprung at him, his teeth making contact with the knights armor just as he made a turn at the hound. The strength of the beast was remarkable for its size, causing the two of them to collapse onto the ground. He struggled to get the hellhound off of him, already seeing that the puncture managed to draw some blood from his arm. Their teeth were sharp, and the stinging pain he felt gave Roland the sense that maybe the beast had reached deep into his arm. With a swing of the sword, he smashed the hilt of his sword onto the back of the dog’s head, finally managing to get it off of him. He quickly rose himself to his feet as the hellhound followed suit, and took his stance just as it rose up to pounce at him once more. The blade made direct contact with his stomach, puncturing through the beast with ease. Blood sprayed from its mouth, and it lingered on its now shaking feet for mere moments longer before it fell with a thud on the ground. The moment the thud sounded, Roland heard the sound of another abomination screeching behind him, his war cry the signal of an oncoming attack. He had not time to think, but his reflexes kicked in to bring his sword up and quickly spun around to aim for the target’s head. The quick motion must have caught off guard the demon, as the blade connected with the being’s head, removing it from its position and sending it flying through the air. Roland smiled at his work, but the smile lasted mere moments as he witness the form of the monstrosity in front of him, a man-sized demon riddled with all manner of spears and weapons through its torso, and not one, but too heads upon his shoulders. The second head, which had a sword protruding from the front, eyed the empty spot where the other head once sat, and angrily screeched the knight who had removed it. In a move Roland perhaps did not see coming, the fiend charged forward, prepared to impale the knight with all of the weapons that have already been impaled inside the demon. Not wishing to become a bloody order of swiss cheese, Roland broke into a run, trying to make some distance between the demon and himself to give himself a chance to bring out his shield he carried along his back. He noticed that the hellspawn was fast, and was mere moments away from overtaking him, just as the knight turned, bringing up his shield to block the demon’s thrust of his body while also piercing at the creature with his longsword. The impact of the shield met the torso of the demon, but Roland’s sword also penetrate right through the second head. Though he did not realize, the demon was dead upon his shield, his full weight upon it as it no longer had the life to stand. Roland pushed it off of his shield, and stood up. He admired the once-beautiful shield which bore the sigil of his House, but which was now dented with half a dozen hits of demon’s weapons. He stared down at the hellspawn on the ground, and had to admit the idea to send at him, in essence, a porcupine abomination was quite clever. The ‘design’ of this creature was, in fact, so compelling, that even Roland himself had to stop for a moment and silently praise whoever (or more likely whatever) had the ingenuity to invent this bizarre being.

"Not bad, ser knight." A voice called to him. Roland raised his head from the demon whose blood he had spilled on the ground to the source of his voice, seeing before him one of the other knights, Zara Serena Freya, smiling at him. Around her was three unique creatures that she herself had successfully slain with her own longsword. Roland's eyes went between the young woman and her own creatures sprawled on the floor. Though he had not seen her slay them herself, the thought that she had the capability to kill these creatures (and as Roland could attest to, it isn't easy) put him at ease over the capability of the Knights of Ekilore as a whole. Though he wasn't one to offer praise, he gave the woman a nod of the head, his signal of respect among the battlefield.

Unfortunately, that 'tender' moment lasted mere moments, as in the next second, a large, monstrous brute of a demon swooped in. He came in with speed that certainly didn't match his size, which was probably twice the height of Roland, and probably thrice his weight. It's skin was partially charred from the effects of Auden's blaze, but that seemed to hardly deter him. All across its body, it had rotting or charred flesh. When it's mouth opened, Roland could a few teeth that remained, rotten to the core, but sharp like daggers. However, the most profound part of it was what it has in replace of an arm. Attached to its left hand was a large club, with spikes and nails protruding from it. The club was large, the size of which probably led Roland to deduce that would have likely not been able to wield a weapon of that size. It was only in the last minute that both he and Zara saw the demon, and so Roland was powerless to stop what happened next, as the demon swooped in and brought the club in a direct hit on Zara. The club connected directly with the knight, Roland hearing the sound of bones crunching, and caused her to ascend through the air, before coming to a large crash at a small home. The side of the home crumbled on top of Zara, and the demon now stared at Roland. While he was momentarily caught off guard before, he quickly formed a stance, his sword hanging at his side and his shield brought up in front of him, separating himself from the large demon. Without a moment's hesitation, the demon charged forward at Roland, and the knight ran forward to meet his charge.

The demon swung wildly with his club-arm, matching each swing with force and speed. Roland kept his distance letting each swing carry full force across before trying to close in any distance. He tried to time it so that he would be able to land a blow just after the demon missed his, and then back away before the next strike from the club came upon him. It was a tricky maneuver, but he remained confident he would be able to pull it off. The demon swung once wildly trying his best to decapitate the knight's head with the pure strength of his swing. Roland backed away and narrowly avoided the swing, then quickly stepped in to slice at the demon. A swing of his sword connected with the abomination's stomach, and a large gash was formed, causing the demon to bellow in pain. Roland stepped back to avoid any additional attacks, but was upset that the hit he landed did not manage to be a finishing blow. He decided to try again. Again, the demon swung at him, and again he backed away to narrowly avoid. Swiftly, he stepped in and swung at the demon again, and landed again with a large cut across his chest, this time deeper than the first. However, as the demon's swing came around for a second time, Roland was unable to back away far enough to avoid the club. In a last ditch effort, he brought his shield up to protect against the swing, the club connecting with the steel of the shield, but the force of the hit caused him to fall down hard onto the floor, and the shield to develop an enormous dent on its front.

But from behind his shield, he could hear a large thud, as he noticed the demon fall to the ground dead, the last wound Roland gave him being the icing on the cake, and his last swing he had tried to land on him was merely his final effort to do damage to the knight. Unfortunately, he had only partially succeeded. He could feel a crack in his arm, the same one which the hellhound had punctured early, as a sign that it was now perhaps broken. But for the purpose of appearances in front of the others, he acted as though he was perfectly fine. Rising now to his feet, Roland strode to the place where Zara had been hit, lifting up the loose rubble that littered her body to observe the extent of her damage. He finally reached her body under the rubble, examining many puncture wounds across her face, torso, and arms, all causing her to bleed out badly. He noticed a few large holes in her throat and chest, probably reaching her lungs, as she was barely able to keep on breathing. It didn't take much for Roland to realize that she was obviously in extreme pain and hardly able to keep breathing. She would not last long, and her last moments, if gone unchecked, would be painful, and cold.

Through the eye sockets of his helmet, Roland stared down upon her broken body, and decided out of respect for her status, he should give her a merciful death. He sighed, dropping his shield to his side before gripping his sword with both hands, and flipping it upside down so that the sharp end pointed directly into the chest of Zara. "Pray to whatever gods you cherish, ser knight, for their kingdom is now open to you." A few seconds later, Roland brought his sword into Zara's chest. Her eyes momentarily widened from the impact, before she exhaled her last breath of life, and closed them forever. He gave her one more lasting glance, before turning around, picking up his shield, and returning to the battle.

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