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Pokemon Fire Red Cylce Challenge GGrP Update #2

-Got to Celadon City and spent my endless stacks of cash to get a Shadow Ball TM
-Taught Alucard Shadow Ball
-Tuaght Koume Aerial Ace
-Eradicated Erika and obtained the RAINBOWBADGE as well as Giga Drain, which I promplty sold
-Alucard TRIED to evolve but ...? So I had to catch a bunch of pokemon that I released so that I could get the Everstone and not have to deal with that happening every time he leveled up.
-Blew up the Rocket Hideout with my death stare. e.0 That's how easy it was.
-Got the Silph Scope
-Completely dominated RIVAL as well as the exorcists, er, channelers and Rocket goons in Pokemon Tower. RIP Marowak :'(
-Got the Pokeflute!
-Sold a whole bunch of crap and ended up with 70,000 Pokedollars.
-Battled down Cycling Road and reached Fuchsia where I saved.

Badge Case


Alucard/Crobat Lv. 35
Bold Nature(+Def, -Atk)
Ability: Inner Focus
-Air Cutter
-Confuse Ray
-Shadow Ball

Koume/Paras Lv. 35
Gentle Nature(+SpDef, -Def)
Ability: Effect Spore
-Aerial Ace
-Bullet Seed

Richter/Dugtrio Lv. 34
Timid Nature (+Speed, -Atk)
Ability: Arena Trap
-Rock Tomb

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