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K A R M A - Catching pokémon in Goldenrod

Golderod in the morning was a busy place. Everyone was hurrying to their work or school or wherever people could possibly be going on at that time of day in such a large city. Karma stood on a low rooftop, breathing in the fresh, cold air of morning. The sun tickled her eyes. From here, she could see the city spread out to the north and west. The sea glimmered some ways away. So... what kind of pokémon should she capture?

The golett stood beside her, the green inner light of him pulsating calmly. Karma had dubbed him Argoyle simply because it sounded nicely. There didn't have to be a ****ing deep reason for everything in life. Argoyle was currently crossing his arms in front of him and looking up at his new trainer. A mental feeling made Karma snicker.

"You're wondering why I'm standing here, breathing like a hippie, instead of trying to get a pokémon as quickly as I can?" She looked at him. "I won't just capture a pokémon. Let's think about it. Others might just run out and take the first one they can find. Others spend too much time trying to find the very rarest pokémon in Goldenrod. But I... What will I do?"

She stood up straight again and let her eyes scan the cityline. Dark alleys caught her sight. "I will... I will capture a very common pokémon. And train it to be uncommonly vicious and strong. That's got to be the best way to show the Warden that I have definite qualities to lead Team Rocket well! Don't you think, Argoyle?"

The crossed arms stiffened a little and he looked away. "Haha, don't worry!" Karma burst out. "You are a bonus. My prized knight. My special friend."

He seemed content by that, without getting soft and thankful. The crossed arms were just finally let down.

"Right. Let's go down and find something no one would expect me to come back with. A rattata or zubat or ekans perhaps. I'd like to hear their insults shower over me like a swarm of bad jokes... hahahahahha!"

The laughter echoed across the nearest streets, but if people looked up to try and see from where it came, they would only see a flicker of very blond hair glimmer in the morning sunlight.


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