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Eh, I think if there was a tie, there'd be a lot of unhappy fans. Not just those that ordered the PPV, but imagine spending a thousand dollars on a ticket, just to see a no contest. Plus, Punk/Taker won't even be the main event, so collapsing the ring won't be an option.

As for Punk leaving, it won't be right away (probably late 2014), but there isn't any benefit to him by ending the streak, since he'll still be playing second fiddle to John Cena, no matter what anyone says. Granted, it would go down as one of, if not, the biggest win in WWE history, but if Randy Orton couldn't break the streak heading into the prime of his career, no one should.

As for a new club, it might work, but there were really only 3-4 of us really active in it, so I don't know how well it would go if we tried again. It might almost be better if this thread were turned into a general pro wrestling thread, so it can stay active even after Wrestlemania passes.
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