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*sorry bad post, but hadn't posted in awhile *

Milly had only just sat down with her tray, settling back into one of the chairs along with her book when a small commotion broke out across the cafeteria. Glancing up from the pages, Milly watched as, to her surprise, two of her class mates scuffled. It did not surprise her however, to see that one of the boys was the anger managed kid.

From where she was sat, she couldn’t exactly hear what was being said, but it was clear that just before the red headed boy left, he had done something to the others. The anger managed kid was stood up and almost seemed to bound to the spot, body tense. Even from this distance it was clear that he was shaking from rage.

Milly continued to watch the happenings unfold, her eyes briefly tracing the young girl whom had been with Solo, as she run out of the cafeteria abandoning him to his own rage feast just as the binding spelling that the red head had casted began to wear off.

“Tough break.” Milly mumbled as she put her book down and toyed with her food. “That boy always seems to get himself into trouble.” She sighed, as she slowly took a spoonful of apple crumble. The desert was sweet and for some reason, the sugary goodness almost made her feel sick. Dropping her fork, she pushed her tray away from her and got up. Sliding her book into her bag, no longer in the mood for food, she moved towards the entrance, offering a small wave towards the shaking boy, Solo.
She wasn’t exactly sure what stopped her from going over and introducing herself, but for some reason her self-preservation instincts screamed not to go anywhere near him. The boy acted tough and had a bad temper to match. A volatile personality like that almost seemed repugnant to her.
So a wave would do, just a passing ‘hey’ from a safe distance for now.

Besides she was now becoming worried about Volt. She hadn’t seen him since class and as time ticked by the small worried voice at the back of her head nagged at her. Had Volt had the same idea as her before? Had he gone to the graveyard by himself?

She couldn’t remember seeing him at the class meeting and if her suspicions were right, Volt had wondered into a situation against a person more powerful than he knew.

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