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Ok, I have finished Beta1. I've enjoyed it a lot and I am really looking forward to the next version of the hack. I have found a few more issues in my way to the 7th badge (I don't know if some of them are bugs or not).

He does not fight if I don't speak to him.
The text ends there.
No text.
You always write weired, I don't think that word exists, it's weird.
Why? I had 5 badges...
He begins moving after being spoken to.
Cannot enter this house.
After winning the 6th badge, you recieve an empty call where you are not told anything.

Also, some warps at the 7th Gym took my to a different city. Was that done on purpose?

That's all, I really like the game, it's hard, Caroline was 10 levels above me, but Lucario managed to sweep with +6 Atk.
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