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The sun had only been up for a couple of hours, and yet Goldenrod City was busy as usual. Lasses were already filling up the huge shopping centre, gossiping and checking out the latest fashion. Pokemon trainers had been up from the beds in the Pokemon Centre; some were starting their training to challenge the city's gym leader, Whitney. The daily breakfast show, aired from the Goldenrod Radio Tower, was nearly over. The National Park wasn't holding their weekly bug catching contest, but there were still many visitors even in this time of the day. And finally, the Pokeathlon Dome was starting to fill up with fans and tourists alike, preparing for the day's events.

Right outside the city and in Route 34 was Scyke, who had changed into normal apparel from his TR uniform. Alongside him and in the air was his Murkrow. Both had been in the tall grass for around fifteen minutes now, in search for a Pokemon to impress the Warden. Scyke wanted to be a valuable member of the E8. He didn't want to be enemies with the others or have them take advantage of him; rather, he would prefer them to be in his side, friends or not. Scyke also liked Murkrow being outside of his Pokeball. That way, he could use Murkrow's vision from higher up to find rare Pokemon. Unfortunately for Sckye though, the best he could do was an average Drowzee. "Come on, there must be someone half-decent here..." he muttered under his breath. He wanted to be the first one back in the cafeteria, but he also didn't want to come back with something too common and easy.

Then something caught Murkrow's eyes, something that seemed so rare that in an instant Murkrow started barking like mad. "Murrkrow! Murrkrow!"

"You find something, mate?" said Scyke as he walked towards Murkrow carefully, hoping not to frighten the wild Pokemon away. Murkrow just kept on barking. "What did you fin- wow! That's a... a... er..." A cyan coloured balloon-like Pokemon was walking around the grass, not aware of the boy that was staring intently at him. His tail was waggling around as it was in delight.

"A Wanut or something? I don't really remember it's name correctly. All I can remember is that it evolves into Wobbuffet," Scyke recalled, remembering the lessons he had with TR when he was younger, "But the Wobbuffet family isn't supposed to be around here. What's a Wanut doing here? Is it someone else's Pokemon..?" Unsure, Scyke crept closer until he was right behind the unsuspecting Pokemon. "Oh well, guess there's only one way to find out."
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