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Hey Xander ! I see you are new to the forum and welcome !

My first issue with this deck list is that there are too many stage 2 lines in this deck which will make consistency a very large issue. Also the more basic Pokemon which you bench trying to evolve them will be Pokemon catcher targets and killed quickly.
Unfortunately if you use this deck as it is, you will not do very well as the meta-game is mainly about using big EX Pokemon with very little evolution lines such as just a line of Hydregion or Kling-Klang.
If you want to use a grass deck I suggest you use Verizon with other basics such as Terrakion and Sigilyph. Shaymin EX is a nice EX to use as a counter to opposing Terrakion and Landorus in the late game. Mewtwo EX is always needed in a deck to oppose enemy Mewtwo EX and can punish players who load up energy onto a Pokemon.

So here is the revised Pokemon Line:
1 Shaymin EX
2 Terrakion NV
3 Verizon NV (with double draw)
2 Mewtwo EX
1 Sigilyph DE (with safe guard)

Then for your trainers and supporters you need 4 Pokemon Catcher. It's a staple in any deck and you need it to take out Pokemon in your opponent's bench such as Klings,Tynamos,Deinos etc.
Also you need 4 Professor Juniper as it is one of the best draw supporters in the game and even though you discard resources, you may not have much of a choice when you need to draw into other cards that you need.
I would not add hammers into this deck, but I would defiantly recommend the Lazor + Virbank city gym.
See what you think and then we can work on the deck more later on !
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