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Quote originally posted by Androm5da:
Thanks so much! It finally works again <3

But now I get this error, you know why?

Exception: NameError
Message: uninitialized constant PBMoveRoute
Compiler:3138:in `pbAddPassageList'
Compiler:3353:in `pbFixEventUse'
Compiler:3248:in `pbEachPage'
Compiler:3221:in `each'
Compiler:3221:in `pbEachPage'
Compiler:3248:in `pbFixEventUse'
Compiler:2977:in `pbCompileTrainerEvents'
Compiler:2962:in `each'
Compiler:2962:in `pbCompileTrainerEvents'
Compiler:2957:in `each'

When you get this error? Did you tried to use the v11 Editor in v10 or something similar?

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