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chapter 3; Climbing the Mountain of Adversity: Chance Encounter! Part IV
Katherine Aldine // Pewter City, West End

After departing from the training fields and healing her Pokemon, Katt makes her way back to the west-end of Pewter for more training. Beside her, Katt's newest Pokemon, Sableye, walks along. Smiling down at the little, twitchy imp, Katt says, "You know, you were really quite the fighter against Adam's Pikachu!"

Shade smiles a toothy smile and hisses, "Sable!"

Katt giggles, "You're a little strange, Shade, but I like it." She looks around for a moment, “Let’s see if we can find a wild Pokemon to battle…Maybe over-“

”Sable!” Without warning, Shade darts into a bush! Katt, completely baffled, stands there a moment before hearing a rustling in the bushes and followed by a cry of pain!


"Huh?!" Katt runs towards the bush and finds Shade attacking a wild Pidove! "Shade, stop it!" The young girl reaches for her Sableye and pulls the ravenous creature off of the defenseless Pidove. "Shade, we don't attack unless the Pokemon is willing to battle!"

"Pi..." The injured Pidove attempts to hobble off, but keels over! Alarmed, Katt puts down Shade and retrieves a Potion from her bag.

"Here, this should help, little guy," Katt coos. She sprays the Potion generously over the Pidove's injuries and a few moments later, the small bird is able to rise on its own and flap its wings.

"Pidove!" It chirps happily at Katt before flying off.

Sighing, Katt turns to Shade to scold him, but finds that he isn't there! "Where the-" before Katt can finish her sentence however, she hears another cry. However, this time, the cry is distinctly human!

"Get away from me, you infernal imp!" Beyond the bushes, in the middle of the clearing near the mountains, Katt sees her Sableye darting about, making shreds out of a young woman's gown!

"Shade!" Running towards the scene, Katt stops short. The girl being attacked is Lady Melanie! "Melanie!" Katt calls the girl's name as she dives towards Shade, tackling the Pokemon and sending it, and herself, tumbling into a nearby tree.

Lady Melanie looks down at her shredded garb and fumes, "You insolent peasant! Your Pokemon has ruined my gown!"

Katt sits up and rubs a knot that is forming on her head, "Oh...I'm sorry, I don't know what's gotten into Shade..." Glaring at her Pokemon, Katt says, "You had better apologize to Lady Melanie. Now."

Shade, twitching as he rises to his feet, shuffles over to the angered Lady and flashes a toothy grin, "Sable!"

Melanie shrinks back, "Keep that thing away from me!"

At that, Katt rises to her feet and huffs, "Hey! Shade may be a little destructive, but he's most certainly not a thing." As an afterthought, she adds, "Does your handler know you're out here?"

At the mention of her servant, Melanie turns her icy gaze on Katt, "That is none of your business."

"I'll take that as a no." Katt gathers Shade in her arms and says, "Well, if you want me to keep your secret, why not have a one-on-one battle with me?"

Melanie makes a rather unladylike snort, "Another battle? My, child, do you never get enough?"

Katt shakes her head, "As long as my Pokemon and I can improve, no. So, will you battle with me?"

Melanie stares at Katt for a moment before rolling her eyes, "I suppose. I assume you'll be using that creature?" She points a dainty finger at Shade, who hisses and feigns attempting to bite her. Melanie scoffs, "Ugh. Allow me to change then."

Katt nods and politely turns her back as Melanie retreats into a small copse of trees and re-emerges in a new, regal gown. Katt smirks, "Ya know, for a Duchess and all, you seem to have no problem with changing in the outdoors."

"I clearly have no idea what you're talking about. This is the exact gown I wore when I decided to take my morning walk," Melanie says in a matter-of-fact tone. She walks towards the far-end of the clearing and produces a PokeBall. "I'll have you know," she begins, "That Cinccino and I had a vigorous training session after you left. You won't be able to defeat us so easily this time!" Throwing the PokeBall skyward, Melanie's Cinccino emerges!

"Cinccino!" The regal Pokemon looks smugly at Katt and her Sableye, clearly confident in its abilities this time around.

Setting down Shade, Katt says, "Alright, Cinccino won't be a push-over, Shade. You need to be careful."

Shade snaps his jaws before dashing onto the field to prepare for battle!

Melanie calls from across the field, "I'll take the first move, if you don't mind!" Without waiting for a response, Melanie orders her Cinccino, "Use Hidden Power, Cinccino!"

"Cin!" Rushing forward, Cinccino becomes eveloped in a white light that it releases in bursts at Sableye!

"Dodge it, Shade, then close in and use Scratch!" Katt shouts! The Hidden Power, however, closes in too fast and hits Shade hard! "Shade!"

Shade is seen standing, though, and in the moment of shock, he closes in and unleashes a furious Scratch attack on Cinccino before propelling itself backwards!

"What?! But the move hit you!" Melanie screams!

It takes her a moment, but Katt figures out the cause and laughs, “Hahahah! It would seem that your Cinccino’s Hidden Power is of the Psychic-typing! And,” she smirks, “Sableye’s Dark-typing grants it immunity to the attack! Good work, Shade, now go in again with Scratch!”

Shade hisses and propels himself forward!

“Don’t let it touch you! Use Sand-Attack!” Melanie shrieks! Cinccino lets out a cry and whips its tails against the dirt, sending up a cloud to obscure Sableye’s sight!

“Sable?!” The imp Pokemon’s momentum is cut short by the sudden obstruction, sending it tumbling to the ground and a good ten feet away from its target!

“Good! Now use Bullet Seed!” Melanie orders with obvious satisfaction. Cinccino spews forth the attack, a rapid-fire succession of seeds, directly at Shade!

“Shade! Dodge it!” Katt shouts! However, the Sand-Attack having obstructed his vision, Shade isn’t capable of doing more than oddly moving about in an effort to avoid the Bullet Seed! The attack hits Shade not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times in succession!

Staggering, Shade shakes his head and bares his fangs! Without prompting, he launches his own Scratch attack, feigning to the right to catch Cinccino off-guard and then ducking to the left to deliver a deadly blow to the mouse Pokemon’s exposed flank!

“Cin!” Knocked to the ground, Cinccino struggles to rise. It finally loses its strength and falls to the floor in defeat.

Melanie stomps her foot in frustration, “How?!” She returns Cinccino to its PokeBall and marches up to Katt, “How were you able to beat me again?! I trained the entire afternoon after you left! How is it possible that your pest was able to defeat me?!”

“That, my lady, is because you go into every battle assuming you have already won.”

From behind a tree, Lady Melanie’s handler, Albert, emerges. To Katt’s surprise, Melanie becomes flustered and starts to babble!

“Oh, Albert, um-I can explain-You see-I was…” After a moment of feeling Albert’s cool gaze however, the girl ceases speaking and bows her head, “I snuck off. I apologize.”

Katt blinks in astonishment; did this girl, who up until this moment had an ego equivalent in size to three Wailord set end-to-end, just apologize to her servant? Unable to process this, Katt interjects, “Wait! Isn’t Albert your servant? What are you apologizing to him for?”

At that, Albert sighs, “Young lady, though my official standing in House Pewter may be as a lowly handler, I have been with the family since the childhood days of Lady Melanie’s mother. I am, in a sense, the closest thing to a grandfather Melanie has and as such, I have garnered certain respects.” Turning his back on Melanie, Albert goes on, “The young Lady is aware that she is not to leave the Pewter Estate unless accompanied be myself. I watched your battle and, I must say, Ms. Melanie would do well to learn from you, Ms. Katt.”

At that, Katt blushes and suddenly becomes very interested in her shoes. She mumbles, “Um, thank you, Sir.”

“Yes, well I do believe that it is time for the Lady Kateline to be returning home.” Without another word, Albert extends his arm, which Kateline reluctantly takes and the two depart from the mountainous area, leaving Katt and her Sableye alone beneath the mid-afternoon sunshine.

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