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Maya Nami Kyuuketsuki
Chapter 2: A touching moment.

Nami froze as she heard Takumi's words before he ran away from her. "… You're j-j-j-just… YOU ALL FREAK ME OUT!" these words ran around in her head and kept her from moving. After awhile her expression changed, her first and only friend on this school called her a freak just now and because of that she couldn't stop her tears from forming in her eyes. She glanced at the floor with a sad face as a few tears dripped from her face.

Nami didn't knew what to do right now, she somehow felt this painful feeling around the area of her heart. It felt like a heartbreak but it couldn't be that, or could it…? Nami started to walk slowly. The Werewolf she just beated up was still laying unconscious on the floor. If he'd wake up right now and made a stupid comment about what happened between Takumi and Nami just now then he wouldn't survive Nami's rage.

Nami's slow walk wasn't so slow anymore as she started to walk faster and faster and eventually started running. She didn't want Takumi to leave this Academy even if he was just a mere Human. It didn't matter to her whether he was a Human or a Youkai, she would protect him if things would go wrong. She would even fight Higoroshi-sensei if it was to protect Takumi. She wouldn't let her friend go.

Nami ran as fast as she could with tears in her eyes. "Takumi!!!" she shouted when she left the building. She ran towards Takumi and holded him from behind. "Please don't leave!!" Nami tried to catch her breath. "I don't mind if you are a Human or a Youkai! I'll protect you so please don't leave!" Nami's tears came back as she holded Takumi tight, no way she was going to let him go.

Ryuu Higoroshi
Chapter 2: 3C's Homeroom teacher
Classroom 13

A lot of students were obviously against Ryuu's plan. But one of his two Youko students got his attention. Kakasu said he would help out if Ryuu would help him control his Youko powers. Also… did he just ask what kind of specie Ryuu is…?

Ryuu wasn't going to answer his question, it was none of his business what kind of Youkai he is. But… "Yes, I will help you control your powers." Ryuu answered his request and sat down behind his desk after watching the outside world for awhile. He took out a book, since there were no classes tomorrow he had no work for now so wny not reading a book? The sun was setting as well and most of the students had left the classroom. "Please arrive here at 7:30 am tomorrow morning." Ryuu told Kakasu and that's when he noticed Cheryl who was having a panic attack.

"Cheryl?!" Ryuu jumped up and searched for a paper bag in one of the drawers in his desk. He was lucky to find one and ran towards Cheryl. "Keep this forward your mouth and breath slowly." Ryuu holded the bag forward her mouth, took her right hand and brought that hand towards her mouth to hold the bag. "Breath slowly, Cheryl." Ryuu had calmed down and sighed, Cheryl was obviously not ready to help in the war against Fairytale. Too bad… her poison gas would've been useful.

At that very moment Ryuu heard a loud noise in the hallways. "Kakasu, please stay with Cheryl for a moment." Ryuu casually opened the door of the classroom and ran towards the noise he just heard, wasn't it the sound of a collapsing wall?

Ryuu arrived and his mouth opened from suprise, and a suprise it was indeed… not one wall had collapsed, but two! This was obviously the work of a Vampire… and something deep inside him said it was one of his students. Ryuu noticed some guy laying on the floor between the rubble. The boy was unconscious but… there must've been a reason that one of his Vampire students beated him up. He trew the boy over his shoulder and made his was towards the infirmary, the nurse was going to have a busy day.

"That's what you get when you mess with my students." Ryuu smirked as he entered the infirmary, the nurse wasn't around strangely enough. Ryuu had no time to wait for her and carefully laid him on the bed. He had to resist himself from taking a look on the injured teachers. He just couldn't let his mind wander off right now, there was a student in the classroom having a panic attack so he had to get back as soon as possible.

Ryuu left and proceeded to his classroom, once he was there he walked up to the two teenagers. Cheryl the Lamia and Kakasu the Youko, esspecially Cheryl looked like she wouldn't hurt a fly. There had to be a way to help her from her shyness. "Sorry that I left, there was a fight in the hallways but I was too late to stop it." Ryuu apologized to the two, not only was he too late to stop the fight… the culprit had left as well.

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