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Quote originally posted by imevil:
Would anyone love to see a post game boss like Red was in Johto. I don't mean like a full other region, but like some epic final Boss after the E4. I guess we had some in previous gens. But I like the whole Climb a huge mountain then having a battle to be remembered vs. one of the best trainers ever. Would anyone else look forward to this.
Yes, yes please. I think part of the greatness of GSC/HGSS was having a final boss to work towards to beating, and it gave me continuity further than just playing. It let me keep playing, and instead of just feeling like I hit a dead end I had no problem continuing to grind/go through Kanto/fight the Elite Four again. I could imagine them doing this with Hilbert/Hilda this generation. Maybe make each one of them a version exclusive final boss? Hilbert in X and Hilda in Y?

Quote originally posted by Yamiidenryuu:
I don't think having the main story flow over into the post-game would be a really good idea, honestly. The credits usually come after the climax of the story is finished- they mark the conclusion, like the credits of a movie do. Having a plot of some sort for the post-credits game would be fine, but it shouldn't overshadow what happened earlier.
The difference between this and a movie though is that once the credits roll in the game, it turns back on for you to continue. I'd love to see some continuation for the story, because things can't happen instantly in the region, and it'd be some better closure than a quick flash on the screen and then every bad guy vanishes.
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