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Parvati kept her face emotionless as she observed the other members of the E8, well those that remained after Xarius was murdered. Parvati had not liked Xarius at all whenever she was around him he always seemed to eye her in a way that made her skin crawl. She hated him with a passion and everyone knew it, but she knew things about the others too. Things she'd use if she had too, but for now she'd just go back to watching the others. Noting that person who had been in the room was Karma whom to her seemed to be a bit mad. But Parvati wouldn't judge, she'd mind her own buisness. Next to enter after her was Scyke whom never talked much around her. Though Parvati did notice that he seemed a bit too happy about the Pokemon he choose. Something to keep in mind she thought before looking to see who entered next not even looking to see where Scyke sat in the half-circle. Juanito came in next and Parvati had to fight the urge to roll her eyes. When it came to Juanito one knew not to make eye contact, because if you did the boy would not stop running his mouth. Though before looking back towards the door she did note that he didn't even look at what Pokemon he grabbed. Steven came in next and as Parvati eyed him she smirked a little before going emotionless again. She knew of Steven's fear of grass type Pokemon and knew he had seen her Roselia when he had spoken to her. This was something she'd have to use to her advantage. She saw Jasper come in and didn't think much of him because from what she had seen he wasn't a very serious person.

Finally after what seemed like hours the Warden entered the room sitting down in a chair facing them before pointing out that James Tan was missing, a fact that Parvati didn't care about. He then spoke of Xarius murder and how they were all suspects but he would be testing them through phases which could end in someone getting a promotion. Their first task was to go and catch a new Pokemon. Yes, that would do nicely. After all they were on lock-down in their sector of the base it would be great to be in the fresh air. After the warden left Parvati stood and stretched her arms above her head, she could hear a few of the others talking but paid no mind to them as she walked out of the room. There would be plenty of time to taunt or talk to her fellow E8 members. Though with one missing and one dead it was more like the E6. Leaving the base Parvati made her way to Goldenrod which was really busy in the mornings. Shoving her way though the crowded streets ignoring the people who reacted when she did. Finally though she made it through the city and stepped into the tall grass.

"what to catch" she muttered calling out Kiri. "alright, we're going to catch a new Pokemon Kiri. That's our task you up for it?" she asked barely glancing down at the Roselia.

"Rose...Roselia!" Kiri chimed excitedly wanting to do anything to please her new trainer. Suddenly Parvati spotted an Elecktrike that was completely unaware it was being watched. "Kiri use Swift"

Kiri nodded looking at the wild Pokemon and raised her left arm pointing the blue flower towards the other Pokemon before letting loose a barrage of yellow stars that slammed into the wild Pokemon making it bark and skid back a little before turning and glaring at Kiri. With another bark the Electrike ran forward and slammed into Kiri with tackle making the little Pokemon cry out.

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