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Quote originally posted by Ceecee_101:
My current targets are:
Shroomish - Petalburg Woods 1800 RE + 3301 MM eggs.
Abra - 4113 + 3184 (changed versions)
Route 32 - 2200 RE - Hoping for Rattata or Bellsprout to reclaim lost shinies from G/S/C
Torchic - 5830 SR

On Hold:
Ho-Oh - 1180

Feel free to give estimates of how long you think it will take me to get my hunts

Welcome to the club, Ceecee! I remember you from SHU.


Shroomish: 1
Abra: 895
Route 32: 5992
Torchic: 2362
Ho-oh: 7012

Those are really boring answers on my part, haha. :cer_laugh:

Quote originally posted by imevil:
Been A while since I updated but heres all the shiny's I've found,
Zigzagoon (Emerald)
Pidgeotto (Pokemon Legend of Guardians)
Rattata (Heart Gold)


Quote originally posted by Kitori:
Hi there!
I'm new to the forums and was interested in joining this club!

Welcome to the club, Kitori! Good luck on your Vaporeon - having a team of all purple Pokemon (or better yet, all purple shinies!) would be totally awesome!

Path of the Ghost: 12/18
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