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Black 3 and White 3:
Five Two years after Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 comes Pokémon Black 3 and White 3. Nuvema Town looks similar to how it has in previous games. There is one additional house with a young family and there is a small jetty now over the ocean, there are several fishermen on it. Accumula Town is much cleaner and the park area now has a small decorative fountain with a Cinccino statue on it. Striaton City has grown greatly in size. There are several larger buildings and it seems to be much busier. The trainer’s school has now been replaced with a university as it has been made redundant because of the one in Aspertia City. The former gym also looks upgraded, apparently the key to their success was their would famous Lava Cookie flavoured Casteliacone ice cream with a Ragecandybar sauce. Cilan, Cress and Chilli entertain their customers with battles while they enjoy their meals. Due to the sighting of Stunfisk, the Striaton City Park has been nicknamed Stunfisk Park, also all the shaped plants are of various electric type Pokémon.

The Dreamyard has been completey bulldozed, a Safari Zone to house the Pokémon living there and other Pokémon has been built in its place. The Daycare Centre on Route 3 now offers work experience in taking care of Pokémon. They also interact with the preschool next-door and let the children play with the Pokémon. Nacrene City has had a large business boom. The tracks running through Nacrene City have now been restored and it is possible to travel to Nimbasa City and back via the Battle Subway that now uses the tracks. Lenora and her husband also adopted a child. Lenora lets her daughter ride her Herdier to the preschool everyday. Tours are now offered of Pinwheel forest. On some occasions, tourists have had sighting of a pink cat-like Pokémon.

Castelia City has grown greatly in size. Many businesses have opened up. These include Unova branches for the Silph Co. and Devon Corp, a dress up studio and many more. A better replacement for the Royal Unova now appears. The Royal Unova was sank off the coast of Unity Tower and is now a home for many water type Pokémon. It is popular with tourists and is a great Dive location. There is a lot more security in the sewers; people rarely go down there now as there is another path to the garden above ground. Burgh has retired to pursue his new dream of becoming a circus clown. Hugh’s sister has taken his place as gym leader and uses her Liepard and other dark types. Route 4 had changed a lot. It is now complete and had many building along it. Most people however don’t go there as one of the former Elite 4, Grimsly how owns a casino/Game Corner there resulting in it being the centre of crime in Unova. An underground has been built that has a lot of security as a result that goes from Castelia City, directly to Join Avenue.

Nimbasa City hasn’t changed much. The Battle Subway has been upgraded though and runs to Nacrene City (as mentioned earlier). There are plans for an Opelucid line also. The public is also welcome to attend Elesa’s moddling shows every Wednesday. Anville Town has received a major upgrade and now features four Battle Frontier like facilities. These include a Battle Factory, Battle Dome and two other new types. Also many stalls that trade items have opened up. Driftveil City if now filled with upper-class people due to Clay previous mining success. Buskers line the streets because they know the tourists that stay in the city always have lots of money to give out. They like to battle two. Tourists like to watch the PWT, where on important date, Elite 4 members sometimes participate. Clay has also left the gym as part of the gym leader exchange program. Johto’s Jasmine has taken his place.

Route 6’s Season Research lab has closed down as all operations there have moved to the rebuilt P2 Laboratory. The P2 Lab now studies the environment and how to make Unova a more environmentally friendly place to live. One of their first actions was to place more trashcans around the region. It isn’t rare for people to throw perfectly good items away either. Chargestone Cave remains the same, although people must watch out for the Wild Galvantula that walk to the ceiling. Zapdos has been spotted there before.

Mistralton City is much bigger and has many more houses. The airport has grown in size also, and has been converted into the Mistralton International Airport, which flies to the Saffron City International Airport, Olivine City International Airport, Rustburo City International Airport and Sunyshore City International Airport. Berries can also be grown in bulk in the fertile soils of the city. Twist Mountain has been closed off to the public now that Clay stuck oil there. A separate path has been crated to get to Icirrus City. The low ground areas of Icirrus City have been flooded; otherwise it looks mostly the same. Articuno visits Brycen in the winter.

The crime on Route 9 has clean up fully. The mall has been expanded also and many specialty stores have opened up. Challenger Cave has also been reopened. Different Ace Trainers appear there every day to battle. Opelucid City’s security since the Plasma incident. Drayden also gives out dragon Pokémon to visitors that he think have potential. Route 10 has been restored and can be travelled through again. Lacunosa Town hasn’t changed at all. Though people don’t worry about Kyurem anymore, they still stay inside at night to uphold tradition. Undella Town looks more beautiful and luxurious. A Multipurpose building has been constructed. A few times a year it holds events popular in other regions such as the Pokéathlon and Contests. Most of these take place during summer.

Benga is now the gym leader of Humilau City, he uses bug Pokémon such as Volcarona, Beedrill and Scizor. Marlon has taken Grimsly’s place at the Pokémon League. Lentimas Town almost faced closure after it ran out of money. Moltres then started making appearances there and has become its biggest tourist attraction. Aspertia City remains basically the same Bianca now owns a house there and tag battles with Cheren on occasions. Floccesy Town has become popular with strong trainers due to Alder living there now. He holds a battle cup there every weekend with the winner getting to battle him. As part of P2’s Labs efforts, Virbank City has been cleaned up. Roxie is no longer gym leader and is on a music tour with her band in Kanto. A Berry Master has now become the gym leader and uses grass types such as Cherrim. Because of his actions, there are many places where berries can be planted around the region. He also owns a florist.

The PokéStar Studios feature many more movies. Movies from other regions are also played in the theatre. Village Bridge has become famous for the relaxing music that plays there. Performances are held under the bridge in a room. Relic Castle has been completely buried. It is only accessible via caves. The Strange house now offers ghost tours. Shauntel holds these as a part time job. Team Plasma is no longer a threat for the region. However Team Rocket does have a small and growing presence on Route 4.

Warning, it is a huge tl;dr, but I expect Nica to at least read it.

Caption Contest:
N: "Your cape needed a good wash."

PokéStar Studios:
Plot: The evil ninja wishes to drain Pokémon's life force to give himself immortality.
Mission: Knock him out within six scenes.
Your Team:
Vaporeon Lv50.
Moves: Protect, Hydro Pump, Quick Attack, Wish.
Blissey Lv50. w/ Choice Scarf
Moves: Protect, Softboiled, Bestow, Egg Bomb.

Evil Ninja Lv50. (ability Sturdy) Ground/Fighting w/ Grass Gem
Moves: Giga Drain, Drain Punch.

Switch to Blissey and take the Giga Drain, use Bestow and lock him into Drain Punch, switch Back into Vaporeon and finish him off.

Story: The villan appears wanting to take your Pokémon because of their high HP. You don't allow this and attack, in the end defeating and destroying him and getting a good ending. A bad ending occurs if your Pokémon are defeated. A strange ending occurs when no Pokémon have used Protect and no one is defeated.