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Pokemon more then likely exist in a parallel universe, where the laws of physics allow for Pokemon.

It just seems logical to me that there SHOULD be real Pokemon out there in a parallel universe - but just too far for us to reach.

And it's not far-fetched to wonder if they exist in this universe. Any kind of life that could exist should exist, just imagine for a second about how big the universe is, you can't tell me that we are alone on our small round blue ball.

When i was doing my Diploma in Chemical Science we did a paper on basic psychics where I read this exact sentence:

Current developments in quantum theory state there are more then just our one and only universe. Countless parallel universes where everything that could, did or did not happen in this universe occurred in another universe. These parallel universes could be just like ours, but where something is a little bit different I.E the RGB primary could be CYM (Cyan yellow magenta), or could be a lot different where Hydrogen does not fuse into Helium and there are no stars or life or nuclear fusion stops at atomic number 3 (Lithium)

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