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Some of my favorite are.

Sonata: Lopunny
Sinastes: Vespiquen
Wraith: Terrakion
Lust: Virizion
Pride: Cobalion
Jackal: Lucario (Im going to name her kid jekyle, just watch me)
Mistletoe: Serperior
Bluebell: Luxray
Comet: Staraptor
Frost: Gabite (lost my game somewhere so i never got far enough to evolve her)
Aspen: Togekiss

And my moments of no brilliance whatsoever. (but i still kinda like some)

Ten: Misdreavus, no not like the number, it just felt fitting, but not very creative
Pin: Nidoran male, ugh i ALWAYS name my nidorans that, and its not very creative, yet i STILL do it.

Its a good thing i think ENOUGH about my friends have a lot of odd pokemon names...