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I'll be able to trade via Generation 4 (SoulSilver) however all of my goodies are in Black 2. It says in the title that this is a fourth gen shop, so if I can't make you an offer due to me not having anything in the 4th generation besides a Rash Chikorita (no really, thats the best thing I have) then sorry for the waste of time!

-Zapdos RNG'd
-Deoxys Adamant
-20043 Jirachi [WISHMKR] Jolly [16-August-2009] Likes to fight Ganlon Berry (GBA/PC/WSHMKR)
-10160 Mew [FAL2010] Bold [20-October-2010] Often dozes off {F} (NDS/NA/Fall)
-06218 Gamestp Normal Forme Deoxys [Gamestp] Modest [20-June-2008] Likes to thrash about (NDS/NA/GS)
-09297 Toys R Us Manaphy [TRU] Modest [29-September-2007] Mischievous (NDS/NA/TRU)
-3208 Darkrai [Almia] Modest [1-December-2008] Often dozes off (NDS/PR)

I understand that I'm asking for a lot here, especially while offering little to no return, but I can make it up to you by providing some stuff to fill in for fith generation including some Dream World Pokemon and Legendarys with good natures and decent IV's on them. As well as some of the shinys I have.

Like I said. I know big request. Understand if it gets turned down, but thanks for reading!
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