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Steven yelled, "Sonara, Metal Claw!" Sonara jumped into the air, slicing near the Riolu's feet, but only allowing the Riolu to Quick-Attack-punch her down. "Attract!" Sonara growled, and used attract. Riolu hadn't seen her before and wasn't prepared. However, it turns out Riolu was a girl... So Riolu stared at her strangely and paused. "Combo Agility and Metal Claw!" Sonara jumped into the air, and smaked Riolu with a Metal Claw. Roilu fell to Earth.

Riolu countered, and Sonara dodged. They stared a dance of dodging each other's Metal Claws. Riolu levitated, and Quick Attacked into Sonara's face. Sonara fell back. "Sonara, Attract!" Steven knew that as both females, even though Attract wasn't effective between them, it still lowered attack. Riolu stopped again, and made a face.

Icy wind would barely do any damage, but it might freeze the Riolu. "Okay Sonara. Icy Wind!" Sonara stared a him. Instead of Icy Wind, she slashed the Riolu across the face with a Metal Claw. "What?" Steven cried out angrily. Sonara shivered, and blew a weak Icy Wind in Riolu's direction, that didn't do anything. That shook Riolu out of it, and Steven stood there dumbfounded. Sonara jumped into the air to bring down a Metal Claw, and the Riolu met her with Counter. Both Metal Claws hit their marks. Both Pokemon fell to the ground. Unmoving. Both were knocked out.

Steven sent out a Pokeball, and easily caught Riolu. He silently returned Sonara, and walked back towards the base. When back inside, Steven stared down the hallway. A person he recognized, Johannes, walked by. Steven remember Johannes was good "friends" with Jasper. Or as close as you could get to a friend in Team Rocket. Johannes looked shaken up. This would be the perfect time to get some answers from him. "Johannes." Steven walked up to him. Johannes kept walking and ignored him. "What does Jasper have to do with this? Did he do it?" He didn't expect any answers. He expected Johannes to tell Jasper about what he was about to saw. If he was right, Jasper would show himself. If not, he had calculated what would happen. Nothing could go wrong. Then he remembered that The Warden was watching. So what? "I know Jasper did it." Johannes stopped, and stood still until Steven started moving. Steven walked onwards, into the cafeteria.

He noticed Scyke was already in there. Good he wouldn't have to do deal with that crazy Karma lady. He would heal his Pokemon after everyone arrived in here and The Warden spoke. Now was a good time to collect his thoughts. All Steven needed was an electric type, and an evolved Lucario. He didn't have the time to name his newly caught Riolu. Although Riolu evolved of happiness... Nah. He had better things to worry about now. He couldn't wait till Jasper got back. He just hoped that Johannes got the word to him. He also hoped The Warden didn't take Jasper in for questioning first. He needed answers. Fast.
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