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Since Genevieve's SU is finished, I'm going to post my alpha. My sign up is still a work in progress, but my Angel will be interesting, just wait and see.

Name: Courage
Sex: Male
Physical Age: 19

Likes: Tales of medieval knights, protecting Amanda, defeating demons, and music.
Dislikes: Cruelty, injustice, demons, and fear.
Dreams: Courage's biggest, and only, dream is the hope that he can one day save his Human from a demon. He wants to be a hero.
Fears: Courage's biggest fear is the fear of losing a loved one, or his human.

Appearance: Courage stands at 6'6 and weighs a good 190 pounds. He takes the appearance of a large, muscular, black man. He has long black hair that hangs down to his shoulders and is tied in dreadlocks. His eyes are deep blue, very peculiar to his preferred appearance. He says that it makes him different from those he tries to look like, as he took his appearance from a drug lord. His nose is broad. He is clean shaven to show a scar that runs across his chin, supposedly from various scrapes with rival gang members. His appearance is very peculiar for an angel, but he chose it for a reason. Courage gives off an intimidating aura. That is always useful when dealing with threats to Amanda. His normal apparel is a tight black muscle shirt and saggy dark jeans, as well as a large golden chain.

Personality: Although he seems to be a big, brute of a man, he is really soft-spoken and kind. Courage tries to believe that he is brave, but sometimes his...courage can waver. Fear is one of his greatest shames, but he does all he can when it comes to encounters with threats. When Courage has to defend Amanda from a demon, he fights it until either of them fall, but he hates fighting. He sees no point in senseless killing. It really disappoints him. he believes Humans can rise above killing one another for self-gain, but they don't. It's awful. Bullying is another one of his pet peeves. He can't stand it when people pick on those who cannot defend themselves. He tries to be the best defender an Angel can be.

History: Courage has always been assigned to sickly people. Several eskimos died of hyporthermia, some Medieval peasants died of measles, that kind of thing. He had the mind set that he was always going to have sickly Humans. The Human that he remembered the most was a young English peasant boy during one of the Crusades. He posed as a Middle-Eastern trader who had found favor with the local lord. This boy's name was William. William loved to hear stories about knights and heroes, who slayed dragons and rescued princesses. Courage loved to hear these tales, of the make-believe heroes, and the bravery and chivalry they showed. He became attached to these stories, and William as well. He was absolutely devastated when William died of Typhus. The young lad was still innocent of evil, so gentle and intelligent, with his dreams of knighthood. Courage was so devastated that he vowed to never let a Human die under his watch...again.

He was never assigned to a human until he was assigned to Amanda. Courage was filled with dread. He realized that she would be clumsy. That was almost as dangerous as disease. He was the one who called attention to the general area when she was pushed through the glass door. A meagre accomplishment, but an accomplishment. He was the one who managed to rescue her from the fire truck. Courage was the one who left a note that threatened the college students for bullying her. He took every precaution with Amanda. Courage will not fail her. He's failed to many times already.

Secret Code: Watch