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"Kiri use Sweet Kiss!" Parvati ordered as Kiri straightened herself out. The Roselia was glaring at and pointed her flowered hands at the electric type and the flowers glowed and a green beam slammed into the wild Pokemon draining energy from it and giving it to Kiri. "Kiri, I said use Sweet Kiss not Mega Drain" Parvati snapped crossing her arms. "you need to listen to me" she added as the Elecktrike got it's bearing back and turned to Kiri.

With an angry bark the electric canine ran at Kiri and bit her leg using Ice Fang and almost freezing Kiri in the process. "Use Swift Kiri!" Parvati ordered and the small Roselia nodded and sent another barrage of stars at the Elecktrike sending it back into a tree as well as confusing it. Pulling out a Pokeball Parvati threw it at the Elecktrike, it shook three times before it clicked. "Finally" she muttered looking at Kiri coldly. "Next time do as I say" she said before returning her Pokemon and picking up the Pokeball that held her new Pokemon. "Ajay, that's your name" she muttered before turning and walking back into Goldenrod city. Luckily it wasn't as crowded because Parvati was in no mood to shove through people.

"Parvati!" a male voice called out to her making her turn around to see a tall black haired man walking up to her. "Your out of lockdown?"

"No Dennis, the Warden, has tasks for us. I don't have time to talk" she said turning away from the man that introduced her to Team Rocket.

" careful!" Dennis called towards her retreating form though she didn't acknowledge his words. Of course she was going to be careful. She wasn't stupid. Getting back into the base she saw that Steven and Scyke were already there and hadn't noticed her. "Hello Boys, back already?" she said coldly hoping to startle the two boys.

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