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The Leap Motion team is calling it "The Leap".

I mean wow. Just wow. I can imagine this kind of technology removing the need for keyboards and mouses and practically changing the way we see and use computers, as well as the way we design 3-dimensional models and blue-prints. This technology can speed up the time it takes to design a building or use 3D rendering programs. It can make gaming so much more fun. It can also go hand in hand with the recent Halographic technology to basically make what we see in Iron Man and Star Wars not so far-fetched. I mean this has already made Minority Report's awesomeness possible, what next?

Discuss. <3 Best thing about this is the price, it's friggin $7999 if you pre-order it now, and $6999 if you pre-ordered it before Feb 27. o;

Leap Motion main site:

More demonstration videos:

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