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Allister Curtis

Allister had at this point completely given up on the books present in the schools library. After the first things had gone down hill. He followed the same process every time pick: pick up book, open to contents, find appropriate section, discover it was useless, put back in shelf. If he was a less composed individual he would have burned the library down in annoyance at this point. He's learned a few interesting things but nothing he picked up made him feel he could compete with Oz, he was thankful at least a small group was intending to back him up. Allister sighed, he needed to go borrow some chalk so he could practice a defensive spell he knew. Putting all but the first book back he left the library, still irritated at the research being primarily a failure.

Allister walked the halls, intending to get the chalk he needed from his class. Mr. Higorashi was probably still there so stealing it wouldn't be necessary.
Honestly, how could a school for Yokai not provide chalk to mages... he thought of Gavin some of us have to draw our own pentacles, Allister was nearly at the classroom passing a largely destroyed section of the building where to interior walls had come crashing down in a heap of rubble. Nobody appeared to be there.
Fairytale? he considered No, they already did their damage and hit their targets why would they aim specifically for these walls. Must have been another student, a strong one. Vampire is my guess.

Arriving at the classroom Allister opened the door to see his teacher tending to Cheryll, who by the looks of it had been having a panic attack, but was doing somewhat better due to Mr. Higorashi's efforts.
"Excuse me Mr. Higorashi, sorry to interrupt but I need to borrow some chalk, and anything you have that's better than the defensive books in our library. All but this one are utterly useless" he said gesturing the withered tome he carried in his right hand.

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