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Steven looked up at Parvati. She had had a Roselia earlier. "Hello Boys, back already?" She said. He didn't like the tone in her voice. He realized he hadn't seen one person. Jenna Williams. Where could she be off to? He looked at Parvati with a steely look and said, "Does it matter?" He thought, maybe I shouldn't be doing this. Parvati is not someone to mess with. Her Roselia would be beaten easily, although Sonara didn't appear to like to use Icy Wind. That was a major complication.

Steven rose before Parvati could respond, and strode out of the room, towards the healing room. He looked through the drawers of the room, and grabbed three Revives. One more than he needed. He also grabbed 3 Hyper Potions, and in the palm of his hand he got a Max Revive, hiding it from the camera. There was no way The Warden saw that. He let out his Riolu and Sonara. He used a Revive on each of the Pokemon keeping the Max Revive behind his back. He slipped it in his pocket. Riolu stared up at him strangely. "Kimbou. Your name is Kimbou." Steven returned Kimbou, not caring whether she liked the name or not. Steven also returned Sonara who looked shameful from the battle.

He returned to the cafeteria and sat down again. He was glad he went to the healing center. One never knew what The Warden would throw at you next.
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