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Levina ~ Cape City Church

Levina smirked at the newcomer. “D-I huh? Interesting name. As for some action. Just start pounding on the first civilian you see. We have been picking them off for a while. They are all supposed to be dead by this evening.” Levina stated coldly.

Just then a Shadow Ball hit the ground in front of them. Levina reacted by jumping back a bit but was quickly engulfed by the flying dust. “What the hell?” She coughed, squeezing her eyes shut tight to keep the dirt out. They were being ambushed and she knew it. Snype confirmed it when he approached her. "I knew we weren't alone... there's a Sableye hiding up on the roof! There might be more hiding around..."He said. Levina immediately used Double-Team to make a bunch of clones of herself. She was immobilized until the dust started to settle some. Levina and her clones started sneezing in unison as she tried to talk to Snype. “I can’t do much until the dust settles. I could electrocute the first thing that moved but I could end up hitting our new comrade, or you, and we need everyone one our side alive in case there are others around. Are you going to go after the Sableye?”