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Originally Posted by xSvenx View Post
Guys, advice pls. I was going to play all Pokemon games, starting with the oldest.I was going to start with Pokemon Yellow, but I have no idea when will I be able to get it (I am not giving xyz$ for it on ebay), however I might be able to get Blue soon. But, as far as I know, Yellow is much better, in many different ways, I dont think I will feel like playing whole storyline on Blue, and then again the same thing on Yellow. Should I just wait to get Yellow or? :D
They're not all that different. Personally I would play Blue and then once I get Yellow, play that. Also Gold/Silver/Crystal go off the events of Red/Blue more than Yellow imo. I wouldn't worry too much about not wanting to finish the whole storyline either. It can be finished comfortably in 10 hours. I've even done it in under 4 (don't do that though, it was painful). I suppose if you play both, you get to use a wider variety of Pokémon.