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Been meaning to update for a while now. Though I really haven't done much in Black 2 since my last updates. Basically I decided to go through Relic Passage to train my team a bit. Not a whole lotta progress, just basically battling trainers and Pokemon while navigating through the cave. I found the part of the cave that lead to Relic Castle and decided to explore it to find more Pokemon. I didn't find any Pokemon I wanted except for the Volcarona resting there waiting to be capture. So I saved my game and then proceeded to catch it. I accidentally defeated it the first time and wasn't sure if I could find it later, so I reseted. Many soft resets and Ultra Balls later, I finally caught it! It was at level 35 and I decided to name it Toujours after one of PC's amazing mods! Yeah I'm weird. Then after getting through Relic Castle I explored the parts of Castelia Sewers I couldn't when it wasn't Autumn. I battled the remaining trainers and tried looking for items using the Dowsing Machine. Could find much. Once existing the Sewers, I did more leveling up in Route 16 , 6, and the Small Court and Big Stadium.

The team's hasn't changed an awful lot since the last update so I won't post it. But all of my team are now either level 33 or 34.
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