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Girl's Dorm
The beating of the boy went down in Ashling's perception as something of a haze, as her conscious thoughts rode the red wave of anger and instinct honed only by the memories lurking in her muscles. She watched him attempt only to defend himself, watched her fists beat through the meager barrier he'd thrown up to defend himself, until she could feel the whites of her knuckles colliding with supple flesh and hard bone until he was nothing more than a crumpled heap. There were always times when brute force could suffice for handling a certain danger, even though it wasn't her usual style. Perhaps she'd noticed the injuries that the boy had already sustained and beaten him down on the idea that he'd been weakened too far already. A fallacy that existed in actual warfare, but proved quite effective in demolishing him until there was no consciousness left to thrash. There was no reason to continue if he couldn't learn a lesson from it.

She would have loomed over his body for some time, had Eva not scurried out of the bathroom with accusations of innocence on the part of the boy. Her eyes met Eva's, but she didn't blink. Her roommate was mistaken, but she couldn't be blamed for that. There was no reason for her to get upset in response, or retaliate, or even try to explain to the mind of somebody fraught with trauma. The Succubus moved over to the sink and stood aside for the frail Eva to fetch aid in dragging away the body of the dirty wolf out of the girl's bathroom, just as he should have done before. Elliot was of no concern when he was invited for the purposes of pulling out an injured student, even less of a concern when it was a sobbing girl asking for his help. She thought of the boy as a friend, but as Ashling cracked her fingers and watched the scene pass, she saw only the beast that had almost killed her own friends. As much of one in his true form as he was in psychology.

After the trio of people left the room, Ashling looked back at herself in the mirror and thought about what was waiting for her. She could retreat to her room in the knowledge that things would work out as soon as Eva saw that Ashling had acted only in the name of her friends, and without collateral damage in the process, besides some bruised knuckles. The frustration she'd felt at Fairytale was momentarily forced into the ether and soon she would get to spend time with somebody that was a true friend, without any monstrous tendencies; Elene. A nod at herself in the mirror was followed by Ashling leaving behind the girl's bathroom for whoever came in next, hopefully without any burdens on their minds, hearts, or bodies. Besides the obvious bodily functions.

The trip back to the girl's dorm went quite pleasantly, in fact, without any explosions, fights, or teachers limping across the school-grounds looking healthy enough to order students to fight terrorist mages, but too injured to realize that it was a horrible idea. Her room seemed deceptively empty as she entered its threshold, and the energy stolen from her by the beatdown was more than enough to remind her of the growing pit at the bottom of her stomach. With the knowledge that her Vampire friend would show up at any moment, Ashling sat upon her bed and surrounded herself with illusions of whatever came to the front of her mind. Most of it was a swirling cloud of fog, some black and filled with splatters of crimson, others a simple mist through which a figure with giant cotton balls attached to their head stood, and a final color mixed in amongst the violence and anxiety that was a pink mist that made a smile come across Ashling's perfectly proportioned lips.

Whatever time had managed to slip through her fingers became apparent as the sound of a door closing came to her attention, along with the wonderfully spicy scents of fresh food and the lustrously bouncy curls of Elene's brunette wig, as her face pushed through the mist and her hand clutched the bag of food a tad too tightly. "Food is here; and something for you too." Elene offered with her usual demeanor of gentle teasing, though her caring chocolate eyes were shadowed by something that made her look far past Ashling. It was a look the Succubus wasn't even slightly familiar with, for she knew that Elene was always thinking, and even at her most concentrated didn't look any different than normal. It was almost unsettling, as she carefully took the paper bag from her friend's hand.

"Thanks." Ashling's fingers practically tore apart the top of the bag to get at the steaming contents locked in tightly-wrapped paper prisons, placing each of them before her crossed legs and in the space between where Elene was now sitting cross-legged, the colorful ribbons that adorned her school uniform visible from the corner of Ashling's eyes. She took a modest bite of the first bready snackfood, as a cup was placed on her lap by the wordless Elene. It was definitely unlike her to have nothing to say about any situation at hand, or not to notice the bruises that lingered on the Succubus' fingers, and it was this concern that brought a frown to the eating student's forehead. "Is something wrong?" She queried, her crimson eye meeting the momentarily blank ones of the Vampire.

The question had apparently been deemed invasive of Elene's reverie, as she snapped her eyes away from the intangible presence that supposedly existed and brought them back to Ashling. "Yeah. I promoted, that's all." She offered as an explanation, with something between the creepy smile she got when she was manipulative, the ecstatic grin when something exciting was about to happen, and the slight unsteadiness that came when any of their friends were in immediate mortal harm. "But...not important right now; I'd like to relax. Does that sound good to you, too?" A beat. "Marvelous." She flicked her gaze to the fingers clutching Ashling's cup as she sipped from its bendy straw. "You got into a fight?" She asked, the curious aura slipping away to make room for a look of pride and amusement.

"Sort of..." Ashling took a big bite out of a spicy food to cover the fluttering in her stomach about the apparent compliment. "That guy that almost injured everybody in the cafeteria came into the girl's bathroom and wouldn't leave, so I..." Another frown creased her brow as Elene seemed to phase out of the conversation in just the slightest way. "So I gave him a beatdown. Are you hungry?" She asked, pushing aside the snack in her palm to offer her wrist to the Vampire opposite her. She knew that Elene didn't like to overfeed at the best of times, and had fed the very day before arriving at the school, but it was the only thing that came to her mind which could affect the impeccable savior in a way like this.

"No, thank you." Elene laughed disarmingly and pushes aside Ashling's proffered hand. "I can assure you that I am in perfect health, while you're refusing to eat. I don't want to have to nurse you back to health again." With that second dismissal, Ashling allowed the issue to rest and spent the next hour discussing whatever came to each of their minds and laid her worries to rest, for as long as the Vampire remained in her presence, at least. Elene soon left with talk of other things she needed to do, the wrappings of dinner thrown in the garbage, and a full Ashling left lying on top of her sheets with a small glint of fear for that which awaited her on the other side of slumber.
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