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@ Gus - you are resevred

@ Everyone and anyone - I'll probably post my own character soon, might be longer than usual since I'm in so many RPs.

Edit: My Character

Name: Zaki Halithersis

Age: 17

Nickname(s): None, but he will tolerate most.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Zaki is not the tallest person around standing at around 5’10” to 6’ but is also far from being the shortest and whilst not particularly well built he is fit and toned from spending a lot of time travelling in harsh climates and terrains. He is relatively handsome, although he tries to play this down, and has a face that is rounded at the top but comes to a point at his chin. His eyes are fairly large and are a dark, deep blue colour. He always seems to be watching something intently. Zaki’s hair is jet black and is short at the front and sides, a two-pronged fringe being the longest point at the front, but is quite long in the back. Despite his hair being naturally shaggy he wears it quite neat, although not ridiculously so.

Zaki wears long brown cargo pants and a simple plain white shirt, nothing spectacular – just the way he likes it. Over his shirt he wears a brown jacket of a slightly richer colour than his pants that has a black collar and a black ring around the bottom, he usually wears it closed. He wears fingerless black gloves made from a tough fabric, so he can grip things well but still have good finger mobility and goggles of various grey shades sit upon his head. His sneakers are in a similar colour scheme. Zaki wears a moss-green belt designed to his pokeballs and carries a black satchel with a grene pokeball design with him most places.

Personality: Zaki doesn’t like to draw attention to himself, or stand out in a crowd. Despite being aware of his skill he doesn’t really acknowledge it if he doesn’t have to, preferring not to be the centre of attention. This is the reason from him downplaying his looks and wearing clothes that don’t really stand out much. His rather intense gaze is really the only thing that stands out about him, simply because he can’t help it.

The reason why he always appears to be watching you or analysing something is rather simple: he is. Behind his attempts to not stand out from the crowd Zaki hides an exceptionally intelligent and observant mind. He takes in everything he sees and hears and is perfectly willing to use these things to his advantage if need be.
Despite his unwillingness to be noticed by people and his great intelligence Zaki is not an anti-social or unpleasant person. He is very respectful and friendly to most people that approach him, but is not foolish enough to consider people his friends unless they show to him that is what they are, nor is he foolish enough to trust everyone in a survival situation. This all being said, an angry Zaki is not somebody who you want to mess with because he will have few problems working out what makes you tick and taking advantage of that, although he’ll probably guilt trip when calms down.

Team on arrival:

Bello the male Roserade
Poison Point
Extrasensory, Sludge Bomb, Toxic Spikes, Energy Ball

Kanva the male Infernape
Work Up, Thunderpunch, Brick Break, Flamethrower

Ajax the male Swampert
Ice Punch, Stealth Rock, Earthquake, Aqua Tail

Electra the female Jolteon
Quick Feet
Roar, Work-Up, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball

Circe the female Mismagius
Power Gem, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Will-O-Wisp

Ryuu the male Flygon
Dragon Tail, Arial Ace, Earth Power, Dragon Claw

History: Zaki was born in the solemn Lavender Town in the Kanto region where he lived a simple life spending most of his time studying mythology and pokemon until he got his first pokemon a bulbasuar that he named Sprout. With sprout at his side he began to challenge the gyms of the Kanto region, where it became apparent that he was not just very smart and very observant, but that he had a great potential for battling. Before long he had evolved Sprout to a Venosaur and caught several pokemon, winning his gym battles with strategy and cunning rather than just raw power. Soon enough he found himself competing in the Kanto League at the Indigo Plateau where he won his first championship, before fading back into obscurity. He didn’t want any fancy titles, just to test his abilities. Zaki spent several years after this training in the roughest areas that the Kanto and Johto regions had to offer before taking on the Johto League.

On his travels through Johto; Zaki began to become bored of his gym battles, the gym leaders were powerful but he found that they soon began to become predictable and not as interesting as wild battles or random trainer battles. He persevered up to his eighth battle with Bugsy the last opponent he would have to face before he quit and decided to try the tournament scene instead.

Zaki spent several months enjoying the freshness of the tournament scene but the patterns began to emerge again and he soon found himself leaving the Kanto/Johto tournament scene to train at mount Silver, the colossal mountain where the more advanced trainers battle fierce wild pokemon and rugged, dangerous terrain to improve their skills, often never even seeing another trainer.
After spending a long time in the wilderness Zaki took a trip home where his family convinced him to attempt the Sinnoh League, which has gained a reputation for being a very challenging competition. Zaki made it as far as the semi-finals and was the favourite to win the whole league but in the semi-finals Sprout was crippled in an intense battle with a Torterra who had been pushed to extremes by its brutal trainer, making it ferocious and unusually powerful. Despite managing to win the match through his strategies he decided to not just leave Sprout out of his final team but resign from the league so he could personally return to Kanto and watch over his partner’s health. The injured Venosaur lived but will not be able to battle again; it instead spends its time under the care of the gym leader Erika, a grass type expert.

Zaki assumed he would be forgotten again, not that he minded one bit, but as it turns out someone remembers him from somewhere. Whilst home in Lavender Town he received a letter from the anonymous sponsor of the tournament, and deciding he wanted to try this interesting “Ultimate Challenge” left for the boat which would dock in Vermillion City to take passengers from Kanto and Johto.

Brief summary of preparation day: Unlike many other’s Zaki was very aware he had no chance of escape; he could tell the madman was definitely serious about the tournament and its threats. Zaki spent the day gathering useful herbs and berries and scoping the island for information on his competitors, the landscape and somewhere he could use as a base of operations. After watching as many of his opponents as he could he managed to find a small cave hidden behind a thick bush deep in the forest. He spent the rest of the day plotting strategies from within his temporary home.

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