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Well... it's been awhile. This is sort of awkward.

So yeah, I haven't updated in awhile. The reason: I sort of forgot to post here. Getting a new laptop meant setting up my bookmarks manually. For some reason I forgot to mark this place, so every time I did some new spriting, I sort of didn't think to jump here either since I just go through my bookmarks.

Well, time to just sort of dump all the new stuff in one go:

All the Super PokeWorld Stuff I'll put here:

Some little sprites I've made over the years that I never felt like showing off on their own since they really are just doodles:

Here are a set of some Fakemon. Some you may have seen already, but I have done a bit of tuning up and made a new one.

One of those Trainer+Pokemon sprites.

For a retyping round.

Overshading round.

I forget the theme, but I think it was some type of editing round.

A baby Pokemon round, so I skipped ahead on my remake list to get to this little guy.

A trainer sprite round.

Here's just a little something I ended up making by mistake. Sometimes I'll open paint, draw a few lines, make some dumb pattern, and close it off without saving. This time I ended up drawing something that looked like an upper torso, then I drew some lines to make the dress shape, and then I realized it looked a lot like that humanoid Toadette I always make.

So yeah, that's why this exists. I took my doodle and went with it since it wasn't looking too bad for once.

Wow, when I post it like that, it really doesn't look like I've been doing much spriting in the last couple of months.
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