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Quote originally posted by robin22gongon:
LOL I realised I didn't repoint it correctly because back then I would put 80 00 00 but I realized that couldn't be right so I searched the internet on repointing in hex and I found that I should put 00 00 80 08!
I see. I figured it was that.
Quote originally posted by robin22gongon:
I walk 249 steps (MAX REPEL) and I take another step as it should my repel expires, but a text box comes up and says "ROBIN used MAX REPEL." Just that nothing more.
So it doesn't say "Repel's effect wore off."? It goes straight to "ROBIN used MAX REPEL."?
Quote originally posted by robin22gongon:
This is what the script I compiled looks like:
#org 0x800000
checkitem 0x800E 0x1
compare LASTRESULT 0x1
if 0x4 goto 0x880001A
msgbox 0x8800035 3 '"Repel's effect wore off."

'----------------------- #org 0x80001A msgbox 0x880004F 5 '"Repel's effect wore off...\nUse ano..." closeonkeypress compare LASTRESULT 0x1 if 0x1 goto 0x880002E end

'----------------------- #org 0x80002E callasm 0x81BFB69 end

'--------- ' Strings '--------- #org 0x800035 = Repel's effect wore off.

#org 0x80004F = Repel's effect wore off...\nUse another?

Perhaps the changes I marked in red will fix the problem? I don't even know how yours compiled. :\
Quote originally posted by robin22gongon:
Oh and about the Assembly, I know just a little but how do you do that and how did you find out which is which and what is what I mean that's another game and you managed to see how it works! Do you have some kind of resources that would point you to where and what bytes to edit?
The ROM is the resource. Read the tutorials. I didn't see how it worked in BW, I just wrote it how it should work.
Quote originally posted by robin22gongon:
Sorry for so many questions.
That's okay.

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