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Originally Posted by RedWing View Post
Ah, alright. I'm quite the fan of his work and it'd be a shame to see anyone taking credit for it without his permission, is all.

As for "OP'd-ness", I would have to say Costeladon is quite the force to be reckoned with. Being able to learn nearly every TM, having two abilities that are both incredibly useful in their own respects (One granting him immunity to Ground which effectively reduces his weaknesses to Dragon and Ice alone), and having two incredibly powerful attacks (From what I can gather, you did mention that the battle system was a bit different, no?).

I'm all for having an omnipotent Pokemon that isn't Arceus, but you may want to dial him back a bit. To be quite frank, he's got all the makings of a legendary Pokemon and surpasses just about every existing pseudo-legendary from the information presented. Base Stats may prove otherwise, but I digress.

Also, it says he's 100% genderless, but classified in the Dragon/Water-1 Egg groups can can only reed within its own species? Is this a typo?

No its not a typo. Our site has like 5 Fakemon with special breeding mechanics for them. One can only be bred by breeding 2 fairy group Pokemon. One can only be bred after biting a female and then breeding that female with an appropriate male. One can only be bred with Lunatone or Solrock through special ditto like clause, Cestar's line can only be bred with itself so you'd have to have two to make more. I think there is one more, but I may be wrong XD.

Costeladon, even though no one has yet is a beast XD.

Though I have to ask since Costeladon is getting all the attention possibly due to being recognized as Darksilvania's what everyone thinks of the others. XD

I have one listed that takes half damage from all physical attacks. One that gets STAB from all attack types. Really mean Serene Grace abuser. One super healer. XD

Spread the love XD

Originally Posted by discordent
I like the look of a few, although I'm relatively sure nearly all of these are amalgamations, which still counts as fusions, and as far as I'm aware the rules for making a Spriter's Showcase is that more than 4 sprites have to be scratch.
All of them are from scratch. One I did myself using a shrunk drawing. 4 others I had drawn by hand with two being from an extra source. 1 is based off loosely from a Poison Eevee evolution that the creator liked, 3 were done completely by hand with no references other than a description. One was originally based off of Shadow Lugia but resprited when the spriter learned more, and the last is a shrinking of an image DS made with Pixel over.

None used old Pokemon sprites to make them so there are no splices. All but Revenmor I've watched them sprite first hand. Reven had to pull an outsider in cause my friend hated spriting wings. XD
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