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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Roads of Light


The Crossblade Crew. The Woodland Wanderers. The Stealthy Sneakers. The Brute Breakers. The Lost Learners. The Arcane Alliance.

These six teams each live in the same large, no, huge land. They all work as a strange, but very sucessful mixture of exploration teams and rescue teams. They still have their own, sometimes strange, litte things. But they all do good things every day. Many Pokemon are grateful for this, though some still don't trust a few teams (Yes, i'm talking about you, Stealthy Sneakers.).

But there is one thing they don't quite know yet. A few of the Legendary Pokemon that watch over the land have chosen to align themselves with a faction. The Crossblade Crew got Lugia, the Woodland Wanderers got Celebi, the Stealthy Sneakers got Darkrai, the Brute Breakers got Heatran, the Lost Learners got Deoxys and the Arcane Alliance got Latias. Everything went well, but at one point, they became angry at each other. This anger caused more bad Pokemon to pop up in the so-called Mystery Dungeons, but that's not the only thing. If they're not stopped, or at least calmed down, the land will be destroyed.


The Crossblade Crew

These pirates often are found near the shores. Their base is near Atarip Town.


Leader) Captain Sareli Meliot, Delcatty (Limanya)

Member) Sensei Marek Samson, Throh (Xilfer123)

Member) Treasure Hunter Sillerax Colossus, Charmeleon (Typh)

Member) Sam Scooter, Gligar (mimimahboul)


The Woodland Wanderers

The Woodland Wanderers live in the Ferrum Woods. They usually use ranged attacks, which they adore. Just like nature. Their base is close to Venator Town.


Leader) Chief Lynn Hawkeswood, Ampharos (EGkangaroo)

Member) Naomi Sanders, Cubchoo (chinie12)

Member) Ryan Willarums, Snover (Foxrally)

Member) Erik Burks, Tangela (Flyborg)


The Stealthy Sneakers

These thieves are masters of stealth, thievery and trickery. These mysterious Pokemon live in the deepest part of the Ferrum Woods, and their base is close to Saccularius Town.


Leader) Chieftain Eclipse Nightmare Artemis, Umbreon (dcjboi)

Member) Prowler Weston Freeze, Sneasel (Khawill)

Member) Colonel Michael Harrison (Kanea)



The Brute Breakers

These warriors will never hestitate to use brute force and sheer strength to accomplish something. Their base is at the gigantic Securis Volcano, and close to Praelia Town.


Leader) Commander Brutis O'Neil, Primeape (heretostay123)

Member) Faber Capella, Riolu (Sugar Cotton)

Member) Brawler Michael Abbott, Hitmonchan (siiadams)



The Lost Learners

This...peculiar group of Pokemon setteled in the Cognosco desert a long time ago, where they study and learn. Their base is close to Scire Town.


Leader) Principal Fiora Evans, Gardevoir (MancerNecro)

Member) Protege Icarus McAvia, Emolga (trotz59)




The Arcane Alliance

The Arcane Alliance is a group of Pokemon that just hate to use physical attacks. They'd rather use elemental things, or anything Psychic-type. Their base is in the plains and close to Medeis Town.


Leader) Jack King, Castform (Xilfer123)

Member) Treasurer Victor Samuels, Electabuzz (Kanea)

Member) Colin Hughs, Lampent (Dements)




1. No Godmodding.

2. No Bunnying without permission.

3. I have the final word.

4. Don't be rude.

5. Follow the rules. Otherwise i'll give you a warning. Three warnings and you're kicked!

6. Have fun!

Warned and Kicked People


None yet, keep it like this please :3


Name: First name and last name. Middle is optional.

Nickname: (optional)


Age: 12 minimum. 22 suggested maximum. It may be higher if you want.

Species: (No legendary or fully evolved pokemon. A Team leader may be a fully evolved pokemon)


Title: Leader or member? Also, a title for the character. Captain <name>, Commander <name>, Explorer <name> and so on.

Appearance: How does your character look? You may post a picture.

Personality: Two lines minimum.

History: Four lines minimun.

Level: Members: 20-40. Leaders: 40-50.

Moveset: 6 maximum.

RP Sample: (optional)

My SU:

Name: Sareli Meliot

Nickname: Sa, Sara, Ellie, The Ocean's Trickster

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Species: Delcatty

Faction: Crossblade Crew

Title: Leader of the Crossblade Crew, Captain.

Appearance: Normal, but the purple fur is much darker. So about this color. Indigo.

Personality: Like most others of her species, Sareli is elegant. However, this Delcatty is fascinated with trickery. Wishing she'd be born as a Purrloin instead of a Skitty, Sareli often goes to the Purrloin and Liepard. This has caused her to become quite...well, it's where her fascination with trickery comes from. She uses those skills to get what she wants. She does fight a lot, but she often tries the ''tricky'' way first. She's also pretty brave.

History: Sareli. That one name all the Purrloin and Liepard knew. That one Skitty that always was near them, painted as a Purrloin. Trying to blend in with the rest. Even going as far as using tricks and lies! Oh, how she was loved and hated. Some liked her, and admired her skill. Others found her annoying, and an imposter. Either way, while the Purrloin and Liepard had mixed feelings about her, the Skitty and Delcatty she lived with weren't all that happy about her. They thought her obsession was terrible. Horrible. Absolutely bad. They still accepted her for a while, but when she was thirteen years old, they banished her. She would have to live on her own. However, after passing through Medius Town, she had learned a valuable thing. Legend speaks of the Stealthy Sneakers, a group of thieves living in the Deep Ferrum Woods. They were so mysterious that nobody was sure if they existed. But Sareli would soon know. She headed there, and suddenly a Shiftry stopped her. Sareli explained why she was in the deepest part of the Ferrum Woods, and the Shiftry explained too. He was a member of the Stealthy Sneakers, and third-in-command. The Skitty jumped up and down out of eagerness to join, but the Shiftry told her that she'd have to complete a set of trials. Those trials proved themselves to be too difficult for Sareli, so she went away. A year of wandering around passed, and she joined the Crossblade Crew. The pirates that invited her hinted at many treasures and fame, so she accepted and became member. It was tough, yes, but worth it. After another long year, this one filled with exploring, rescuing and the usual pirate feast, she came upon a small island. They all explored it, but only one Pokemon found something: Sareli. A small, shiny stone lying in the sand. She wanted to take it to the rest of the pirates, but as soon as she touched it, a white light emerged from it. The light soon enveloped the curious and confused Skitty, and... Disappeared. The light was gone, and so was the stone. But as soon as she headed back to the ship, the others began talking about a Delcatty. Sareli was even more confused now, but when she looked into the water, she was struck with realization. She had evolved. She wasn't a Skitty. She was a Delcatty now. However, this granted her great power, and after two years, she became the leader of the pirates.

No longer was she that little annoying Skitty. She was Sareli Meliot, Captain of the Crossblade Crew.

Level: 45

Moveset: Assist, Dig, Copycat, Faint Attack, Sing and Scratch.

RP Sample: Sorry, can't really find a good one so i'll have to show you in the RP!


There are seven major towns. Each one corresponds to a certain faction, although everyone can visit them. The exception is the largest town, Medius Town. Every town has a few default things, but Medius Town has extra things.:


In the shop you can find items that will come in handy during your missions, and great service by the twins that run each shop, Nidorina and Nidorino.


If you have too much items, or a lot of money, the bank will be a useful place. Alakazam will happily protect everything for you. And because of teleporting abilities, you can access your items and money at any bank!

Elder's House (Medius Only)

The old and wise Noctowl who lives here will give great advice to everyone. She's a kind old lady who has many experiences and she'll happily share some with you!

Blissey's House

Injured? Blissey can help you. She has a lot of experience, and her medicines are wonderful.

Primeape's House (Medius Only)

Primeape has a normal house. Well, not really normal. Under the house is a large room where he'll train everyone to be as strong as an angry Machamp.

Sigilyph's House (Medius Only)

Here, Sigilyph can open chests for you. After opening a chest, you need to pay him, but you can also allow Sigilyph to keep it.


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