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At first glance, the thought of arranging the forums seemed good. However, having read more about what others have said, I think the current set up works well enough. For now. The two most notable points that stood out to me were the list for a category like Main Series Pokémon Games would eventually become rather lengthy and that would ultimately end up pushing the Battle Center and Trade Corner forums further down and away from the current games that would utilize them the most.

However, It does bring up certain contradiction. Wouldn't this mean that eventually the gaming forums will have to be reorganized? I mean, we couldn't just dump every non-current generation into General Pokémon Gaming Discussions like what was done with Fourth Gen. Otherwise, we'd have the same lengthy list of forums under one category and we'd be pushing the games away from the Trade Corner/Battle Center once again. They may be older generations by then, but they would still be games that use these particular features provided by the Trade Corner and Battle Center.

As far as forum names go, Fourth Generation Games (DS) and Fifth Generation Games may not be as creative as the names given to the first to third generation forums, but I they're straightforward enough to where everyone knows what they are right off the bat. I don't feel like the Fourth Gen or the Fifth Gen has earned a solid nickname for themselves that is universally known by the fan base as of yet.

Quote originally posted by Twilight Sky:
Main Series Pokemon Games
<tl;dr here>
On paper, a forum made just for remakes would make sense. However, talking about FR/LG and HG/SS, being remakes of older games are all these two hold similar to one another. Putting a generation of games together makes far more sense than designing a forum for all remake discussions.

Reason being, a generation of Pokémon games has more in common with one another than title remakes made during different generations. With the former, there is a connection between games of the same generation that allows broader topics to be discussed in that forum. The same couldn't necessarily be said about a forum made for bringing HG/SS and FR/LG together. They're too different from one another.

If that doesn't make sense, then you also have to consider, by making a Remakes Forum, you now have DPPt as its own stand alone forum as well as RSE. Neither of which can generate enough activity to justify having their own forums as they once did. That aside, you're also adding an extra forum to the bunch which only makes the list bigger than it needs to be.
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