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A video game nerd (me) + a job + not much expenses (yet) = console collection !

The ones in italic are those I had before starting my collection. I know I don't have all models, like the old GB or the basic DS , but I mostly collect them so I can play, not for the show , so as long as I have a GB Pocket and the DS Lite, I'm cool. I think that the GBA is the only exception in that regard, since I absolutely need light on my screen because of my poorly lit apartment, so I got a GBA SP.

So far I have:
  • Sega
    • Master System (x2)
    • Mega Drive II (aka Genesis II)
    • Saturn
    • Game Gear (x2, one of them modded with TV output)
  • Nintendo
    • NES
    • Super Nintendo
    • Nintendo 64
    • Gamecube
    • Wii
    • Gameboy Pocket
    • Gameboy Color
    • Gameboy Advance (x2)
    • Gameboy Advance SP
    • DS Lite
    • 3DS XL
  • Sony
    • Playstation
    • Playstation 2 Slim
  • Other
    • GP2X
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