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Originally Posted by Shiny Electivire View Post
Could I get a Relaxed Mudkip with the ability Torrent?
I'd like to use one on my team ^.^
Sure, I think I still have that one. Is Sunday ok?
Also, what's your time zone?

Originally Posted by Xilfer123 View Post
Hi. Can I please have a Ralts 01 (Gardevoir) and 02? (Gallade) I'd like to try using new kinds of types, and I'm rather unfamiliar with Psychic types, so I think the duo would deserve a spot on one of my teams. (I have many)

Also, if your donation center is open, I'd like to donate a pair of Goletts from my Golett shiny hunt. I think they don't deserve to just stay in my PC for the rest of their lives.

I'm just wondering if it would be possible to transfer them straight to my B2? I have SS so it's not problem if that isn't possible, but it would be convenient. My time zone is EST (Eastern Standard Time) and I'm usually on from 11 AM to 8 PM.
Ok, so... the Ralts are for GenIV or V? I can give them to you on whichever you want, so if you want them for Black 2 it's ok.
Let me know!

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