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Kaiba and Draco made their way outside of the town hall. As they were making their way out, they were almost run over by a Growlmon that was carry out its injuries tamer. "More peasants have arrived on the scene it seems. No matter I shall make them pay for almost running me over later. Draco let us join the battle and begin our assault as we create my new kingdom." Kaiba and Draco were outside. As soon as they walked out they noticed an enraged Champion Digimon standing outside. "There seems to have been a long battle waged while we were inside. The damage has been done so lets make up for lost time and help these peasants." Kaiba tapped his feet on the ground. "That's the smartest thing you've said in a while, stupid king Kaiba. But it's time to make up for that lost time and get our share in." Draco pulled out his claws. Both Kaiba and Draco dashed off the stairs in front of the seething Dinohumon. "More Human and Digimon trash are here to hinder me. I shall kill you without..." Before Dinohumon could finish his sentence, Kaiba launched a barrage of kicks to his chest and Draco followed up with a Dragon Claw attack to Dinohumon's face. The Dinohumon was slightly pushed back from the combined attacks. "You've only added to the fury that I'm about to bring on you pieces of TRASH!!!" Dinohumon roared as his aura of rage was string enough to blow both Draco and Kaiba away. Both of them crashed into the stone steps of townhall but Draco used his body to cushion Kaiba's fall. "Thank you my loyal subject." Kaiba said as he coughed up blood, stood up then fell down to his knees. "Shut up, stupid king Kaiba. I only did that so your scrawny human body wouldn't get busted up. So don't go reading too much into it." Draco said as he also started to cough up his blood. Both tamer and partner looked at each other and share a smirk. "Let's bust this loser into the ground." Kaiba and Draco prepared to battle the Dinohumon again with their combination attacks. "TRASH!!!" Dinohumon prepared to attack again with his cleaver. Kaiba and Draco move around the attack and attack both of Dinohumon's sides with a barrage of kicks and Dragon Claws. Dinohumon simply watched as the attacks connected. He was not amused and attempted to blow then away with his rage again. However, Kaiba and Draco moved away from the attack. "We won't be falling for your crap again."
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