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Actually this was my first forum ever. And it never had any image limits. The only forum I frequent (maybe log-on once in 3-4 days) outside of this one is one named Narutoforums. That had limits but I thought forums generally don't have those because Pokecommunity didn't, haha. But you're right, it should be mentioned somewhere. I'll add it to the guidelines as a note. But glad you went through the rules! :] And YES, you seriously are the first person to mention that. Most people that post here just post images without worrying about limits for some reason. XD;

Anyway, from the ones I went through, Crowtergeist and Toxidous are my fave. The latter, especially. I know there's Muk that is comparable to it but it having bones and them being partially visible is something I like. Then, like Sunfished said, you got those awesome names. Never thought I'd see fakemon with names like "Tick", "Tock" "Ticktock" - awesome, haha.

I'll write up a detailed feedback post later, though. Sorry for the short nature of this post!
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