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Ah, finally, an RP that doesn't use the same old grab-a-starter-and-go-on-a journey formula!
Caroline McKenna


Caroline is small yet sturdy, standing firm at 5'2" with a leanly muscled build. Years of rigorous training in all terrains have given her body plenty of raw endurance and stamina. Her skin is slightly tanned (though it's much darker during the bright summer months) and covered in scrapes, bruises, and bandages. It's not uncommon for Caroline to be bleeding from some wound or another; at this point she doesn't seem to notice. Her blonde hair is cut short to keep it from getting in the way while travelling. She trims it herself, and does a pretty sloppy job, but for what it's worth she makes sure to keep it clean and brushed. Caroline has a sharp nose protruding from an oval-shaped face. Her eyes are a dull grayish hazel, and she relies on a pair of thin-rimmed glasses, as she's nearsighted. As for clothing, she arrived in a black hooded shirt with elbow-length sleeves, a red vest marked with white accents and stripes, dark-colored shorts, gloves, and a pair of heavy duty hiking boots. She carries with her at all times a large backpack, containing all of the basic necessities she needs as a trainer. Food, extra clothes, Pokeballs, a first-aid kit, etc.
Years of hard training have made Caroline tough as nails. She's deliberate and tireless in her work ethic, willing to endure rough conditions for months if the occasion calls for it. As a child she was aggressive and hotheaded, but over time she's matured to become pretty stone cold. Very little seems to faze her; Caroline takes both joy and sorrow in even-keeled stride. Though, that's not to say she doesn't have a sense of humor. And despite her placid nature she has quite a capacity for companionship - when she deems someone worthy of it. She shares an iron bond with her Pokemon, but not in a mushy lovey-dovey way as most trainers do. She and her Pokemon view each other as equal partners in training. Caroline respects them, but holds the understanding that some Pokemon simply perform better than others. As such her team consists of (what she considers) the best of the best. She looks down upon weak pokemon, but will put all her faith in any pokemon if it shows the prospect of becoming strong. She feels the same way about trainers. Thus, she can be a bit of an arrogant snob. She doesn't work well with others because she rarely meets someone she deems worthy of her respect. All in all Caroline is very independent.

She battles with merciless all-out force, though she isn't without a sense of strategy, and whether it comes down to offense or defense she tends to win simply by outworking her opponents. In unofficial matches, she will move alongside her Pokemon in the heat of battle, as she would in the rugged environments where she and her team train. Sometimes she even goes so far as to ride them - the ones large enough to ride, that is. This gives her a full sense of the situation, and allows her to make commands as a participant rather than a spectator.

Her speech is gruff, casual, and indifferent. She has a hint of a southern accent, having come from Driftveil.
Team on Arrival:

Zebstrika ♂
Ability: Lightningrod - Electricity is drawn to Zebstrika, and strengthens him on contact.
Moves: Wild Charge, Volt Switch, Overheat, Return
Background: Zebstrika was Caroline's first Pokemon. He is bold and focused, albeit a bit ill-mannered. Her parents gave him to her as a Blitzle when she was only three years old. The two of them bonded, and eventually Caroline was riding him in races. However, his lack of natural talent with these races was a major factor in Caroline's decision to become a trainer instead of a jockey. She trained particularly vigously with him to help him master his faults. Ultimately he gained exceptional coordination, eliminating his clumsiness, and the capacity for great speed - albeit in short bursts. He's even developed the physical endurance to withstand a few heavy Ground-Type attacks, though that's not to say it's an easy feat for him. But his physical power has always been by far his greatest attribute. Caroline makes sure to use that to their advantage.

Tyranitar ♀
Ability: Sand Stream - Summons forth a sandstorm upon entering battle. On a side note, Caroline's spent a lot of time training the rest of her team to battle comfortably in sandstorm conditions, so as to make this ability more harmful to her opponent than herself.
Moves: Stone Edge, Earthquake, Payback, Superpower

Skarmory ♀
Ability: Keen Eye - Skarmory's accuracy cannot be lowered.
Moves: Stealth Rock, Steel Wing, Roost, Brave Bird

Slowbro ♀
Ability: Own Tempo - Slowbro cannot be inflicted with the Confused status.
Moves: Surf, Psyshock, Thunder Wave, Fire Blast

Venusaur ♂
Ability: Chlorophyll - Doubles speed in Sunlight.
Moves: Solarbeam, Sludge Bomb, Leech Seed, Sunny Day
Background: Venasaur - then a Bulbasaur - was recieved as the prize of a small and rather shady tournament in Kanto.

Conkeldurr ♂
Ability: Guts - Attack power raises when Conkeldurr is inflicted with a status condition.
Moves: Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Smack Down, Bulk Up
Caroline was born in Driftveil, the only child of a wealthy couple. Interestingly enough, she had aspirations of being a racing jockey long before she became a trainer. From a young age she rode with her Zebstrika in local Pokemon racing tournaments. It was her childhood passion. She wanted to be the best jockey in Unova. Her parents were very supportive, though in perhaps a harsh and excessive way. They were dead set on raising her to be a winner. First place was everything, and anything lower was failure. Caroline quickly conformed to this view, and aspired to live by it. Unfortunately, there was one problem - Caroline was never very good jockey. Some said she was too aggressive and hotheaded. She would ignore her own limits, prioritizing victory at all costs, causing her to slip up and make mistakes. Others argued that her Zebstrika, who was clumsy and seemed built more for power than speed, simply wasn't cut out for racing. But, despite repeated failures, Caroline was determined to succeed, and she would never dream of racing with a different Pokemon. Zebstrika had been her companion for as long as she could remember. Ditching him would be an insult to their friendship. As the losses added up, Caroline grew more frustrated, in turn causing her to place even lower in tournaments. Her parents were increasingly furious with every failure. She never once placed above fourth. "You need to try harder," her father would say. Her mother would frown and ask, "What's the point of paying for you to keep entering these races if you're not even winning them? That Zebstrika of yours isn't any good and you know it." Meanwhile the two of them were having their own relationship issues. They were already stressed by arguments with each other when they approached Caroline to discuss her lack of success. Eventually, they gave her an uncompromisable decision to make: she could either stop racing with Zebstrika and find a new Pokemon to ride, or she could drop out and never enter a racing tournament again. Caroline chose instead to leave home without a word. She was fourteen.

Being perfectly honest with herself, she'd long since accepted that racing wasn't for her. She only kept at it so long in an effort to prove her worth to her parents - and more importantly herself. However, at this point, she realized that if her parents saw her as unworthy for being a lousy jockey, then maybe they weren't very good parents. They certainly weren't worth her concern. At any rate, the only person she had to prove anything to was herself, and she decided to find her own worth through Pokemon training. She and Zebstrika quickly found that they were both much better at this. Racing was about raw speed, while training was about refined power and skill. Caroline found that there was much more of a leaning curve for her with battling. Despite her poor experiences with her parents she firmly retained the winner's mentality they taught her. She would catch several Pokemon of the same species, rigorously train each individual, and eventually release all but the single most capable battler. In her team selection there was no bias favoring a Pokemon's physical appearance or personal bond with Caroline. Only the best of the best remained in the end. Zebstrika was the only exception. She could never replace him. But, in exchange, she trained twice as hard with Zebstrika so as to overcome the unique difficulties he faced. Zebstrika complied wholeheartedly; he was just as eager as Caroline to overcome past failures.

Caroline travelled all across Unova, collecting Gym badges and participating in any minor tournament she stumbled upon. Her success in the battle stadium far surpassed her success on the racing track. Within her first year of training, she entered and won the annual Unova League championship tournament. Immediately afterwards she quietly departed for Sinnoh, where she planned to do the same.

Sinnoh was a very different experience altogether. For the most part, the trainers were tougher - Gym Leaders in particular. And the terrain was much rougher. Unova was urbanized and densely populated, with a pre-made trail or path carving conveniently into even the most obscure corners of the region. Sinnoh, on the other hand, seemed splattered with uncharted frontier. It had its fair share of remote locations, most notably the unforgiving peaks of Mt. Coronet. Caroline deliberately spent about a third of her Sinnoh year traversing Mt. Coronet, inside and out, training herself and her Pokemon team. She destroyed competition at minor and local level tournaments. When it came time for the Sinnoh League chapionship she was certain she had victory in her grasp... and then she lost at the semifinals. The defeat was agonizing. All her effort was meaningless in the end! But, she wouldn't let it keep her down.

She allowed herself two years of hiatus for training and recooperating. Caroline travelled quickly to Johto, spent about six months travelling, then moved onto Kanto. She avoided Pokemon Gyms but participated in as many smaller tournaments as she could. With roughly eight months left, she learned about Mt. Silver. She hurried there without hesitation. The remainder of her hiatus was spent there. She assembled from her best Pokemon a final team of six, and worked with each of them here to overcome their weaknesses and further emphasize their strengths. The dangerous terrain and powerful wild Pokemon kept them in a state of almost constant training for months on end.

After all this, Caroline returned to Sinnoh just in time for the League championship. The trainer who'd beaten her in the semifinals faced her in one of the early matches - she was extremely satisfied to slaughter him this time around. She plowed through the competition, showing her opponents no mercy all the way to the finals, and while she can't say the last battle was easy it certainly wasn't her toughest. In the end victory was hers.

With the sweet sense of having conquered her previous failure, she pushed through crowds of cameramen and interviewers with an air of confident superiority. Next stop was Hoenn. There was no time to waste! But, suddenly, a preposterously suspicious man in a trenchcoat approached Caroline. He didn't come at her from the side or tag along behind her, either; he walked straight into her path and stood there in front of her. She glanced up at him, not intimidated in the slightest. "Do y'need somethin'?" she asked in blank monotone. He handed her a letter and walked off. Curious but mostly unfazed, Caroline made her way out of the Sinnoh League HQ. She didn't open the letter until she was in Castelia waiting to board a ship to Hoenn. "The Ultimate Challenge." Sounded corny as hell, but admittedly the letter seemed legitimate, and the apparent benefactor behind it seemed very prestigious, whoever he was. Caroline tossed aside her ticket to Hoenn, and decided to give this tournament a go. After all, Hoenn wasn't going anywhere. This challenge was a one-time deal.

Of course, she had no clue what ulterior motives were behind this tournament. Caroline was selected mostly because of her skill as a trainer. She has quite an impressive resume of tournament and battle experience. Her Pokemon are all very desirable, and her vigorous training will quickly convert any wild Pokemon she catches into stone cold powerhouses. On top of that, if she does end up joining Concello, she will be an invaluable asset to his army. And, if not - no one will miss her. Her disappearance will probably never be investigated. While she has recieved media coverage for winning a couple League tournaments, Caroline never stays in one place for long and doesn't stick around for interviews. She has no close friends or family, as she hasn't seen her parents since she left home. And, after all, trainers go missing all the time...
Preparation Day:
Caroline's initial inclination was, of course, escape. However she realized quickly that this was out of the question. Her Pokemon were strong, sure, but they were trained for battling, not flying or swimming across oceans - and there's no doubt Concello would have guards ready to stop anyone who tried to get away. So, instead, she decided to prepare herself as best as possible. She surveyed the island, travelling as quickly as possible with the help of Zebstrika and Skarmory. She also made sure to give her Pokemon a stern (yet notably worried) pep talk.
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