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Quote originally posted by FreakyLocz14:
U.S. and U.K. marriage laws are very different. In our system of divided powers between the federal and state governments, marriage is a state issues, and many states have have legalized same-sex marriage.
For a full legalization only 9 have - I don't know what definition of 'many' that you are using, but 9 our of 50 is not 'many'. Ok, fine - Many have legalized gay marriage. But many many more have forbidden it.

Anyway, it's no suprise really. For all the effort we put into making our country seem nice to all we are really one of the more hateful ones. The UK moving for full legalization sooner then the US isn't that much of a suprise - They also moved a hell of a lot faster to get rid of slavery, while the US decided to start killing each other over it.


Quote originally posted by Elgyem:
This is most definitely good news for the LGBT community in Britain. Too bad the Westboro Church is banned from England, so we can't laugh at them about this. They're an entertaining little cult.
With all the **** WBC has pulled, do you really think that they are going to let a little ban, put in place by those they see as puppets of Satan, stop them?
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