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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
All of them are from scratch. One I did myself using a shrunk drawing. 4 others I had drawn by hand with two being from an extra source. 1 is based off loosely from a Poison Eevee evolution that the creator liked, 3 were done completely by hand with no references other than a description. One was originally based off of Shadow Lugia but resprited when the spriter learned more, and the last is a shrinking of an image DS made with Pixel over.

None used old Pokemon sprites to make them so there are no splices. All but Revenmor I've watched them sprite first hand. Reven had to pull an outsider in cause my friend hated spriting wings. XD
Huh. I could've sworn Karabishou used Dragonair as a base, and Inkia was a fusion of Mew and Golbat (which were the main offenders to me).
Oh well, sorry for the false accusation.
oh hey is this a placeholder

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