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FiRFl Cycle Challenge: Pokemon Gold Update #1

- Picked Cyndaquil so Rival can have Totodile.
- Did Pokemon Egg stuff, beat rival.
- Caught 2 Bellsprouts one for HM Slave and one to get first team member.
- Traded Bullsprout for Onix in Violet City.
- Our first team member is an outsider Pokémon named Rocky... Yay bonus exp but, boo he'll stop listening to me soon.
- Grined to about level 6 and went to the gym.
- Was able to clean out the grunt just fine.
- Fawlkner was super annoying since Mud Slapped all day leaving Rocky with no Accuracy. Battle took forever but, we eventually pull through.
- Skipped Sprout Tower since Onix is 4x weak to grass >.>
- On the way to Azalea Town, Rocky hits level 11 and stops listening to me.
- Our rocky relationship made it difficult to get to Bugsy but we eventually did without much trouble.
- We clean out Team Rocket from the Slowpoke Well and move on to the gym.
- Rocky actually does what I ask for most of the gym until he needed to Rock Throw Bugsy's Scyther... Just once... But no he didn't and got killed by the 5th Fury Cutter :l
- On second try he listens to me right away and we win the Hive Badge and Rocky listens to me.
- Then we run into our 2nd Rival fight... Against a Croconaw with a 4x weak to Water Pokémon.
- 12 trys later he finally doesn't do water gun and I can take him down.
- We pick up cut and headbutt from the forest and I began the task of finding Heracross.
- First Heracross found broke out of all 11 Pokéballs, 1 Great Ball and a Lure ball.
- Second Heracross I forgot to heal and reset Mud-Slap PP so I killed it.
- Third Heracross I got to low enought and caught it with the second Pokéball.
- Second member of our team has joined and his name is Tendou. He is the Heracross that walks the Path of Heaven.
- Made it to Goldenrod, Tendou took out most of Whitney's gym before Rocky cleaned up Milktank.
- Cleaned out the underground and got my bike.
- Got the squirt bottle and killed Sudowoodo.
- Got to Ecruteak City.
- Needed to buy Awakenings but I was able to beat Morty.
- Beat the Kimono Dancing Girls and got Surf.
- Used Surf to get the final member of the team, Natsuji the Natu.
- Continued to Mahogany Town and Lake of Rage.
- Natsuji evolved right away.
- Caught Shiny Gyarados and made it a HM Slave.
- Clean out Teamrocket and their Radio Tower.
- Took out Pryce and his Ice gym with Tendou.
- Saved at Mahogany Town Pokémon Center.


Current Team:

I tried to record all of this but... Turns out it was more trouble then it was worth so, I'll probably just record elite four and Red :3
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