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Chapter nine million and six or whatever one I just read.
Aww Ryu-chan was so cute as a kid. Masaki reminding me even more of Orihime. Ryu-chan and the meido-san probably gave birth to Uryu, her being not full blood Quincy explains his ****** powerlevel.

That (Vasto Lorde?) Hollow looks familiar, could it be Zengetsu? I'm guessing Isshin will absorb some of it's reatsu or there will be some Naruto QB style sealing in Masaki...Well, Ichigo's powerlevels should be explained soon.
>get back to your roots
I guess being just part Quincy would be too obvious for Kubo.

>Masaki is an ordinary, cheerful, food-loving girl!
>Who happens to be an orphan, adopted by the rich Ishida family with the strict matron and distant patron
>But she has Ryuu-chan, her foster brother, who is kind and smart, if sometimes too serious.
>She doesn't like him that way though, which sometimes makes her sad because she knows auntie wants them to get married.
>Her secret is that she is training to become a Quincy, so she can protect people from evil hollows. But she's not very good at it. Her teacher keeps saying she doesn't put her heart in it.
>One rainy day, Masaki was walking home from school when a hollow was fighting a strange man!
>Can Masaki overcome her doubts and steel her determination to help a poor man from that hollow?
>tune in next week for more Mahou Quincy Masaki-chan!

Also the rain. All of these significant events happen when it's raining. Zangetsu hates the rain. Loads of chapter titles mention rain. Orihime wishes to be the rain. These Shinigami seem to think bad things happen in the rain. So, what is Kubo doing here? It's clearly more than just setting atmosphere. hmmmm.