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Update #3/Final Update

  • Beat Blaine and got my 7th badge
  • Went back to Viridian City where I beat Geovanini and won my final badge
  • Beat Gary again at the route leading to Victory Road
  • Beat pretty much everyone in Victory Road
  • Healed up and bought alot of revives and healing potions
  • Went in and fought the first member of the elite four, almost died to her ice attacks but Pinchy was able to pull through
  • Went and fought the second elite four member and Draco with the help of Rose sweep through his team
  • Fought the third elite four member with Draco. (Earthquake+Sword dance combo)
  • Fought Lance which kinda gave me some trouble with his Dragonairs. But I still manged to pull through
  • Now it was time for the final battle with Gary. (Draco killed off half of his team while Rose and Pinchy took care of the other half.

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