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Issac Milke - Volcanic Cave

As Issac watched the battle, his mind started to drift until he was completely lost in jumbled thought, unaware of his surroundings.
I wonder if the Druddigon would have even been hostile.. I mean the Magby were, so they had to be stopped. Rushing in like that and surprise attacking right away seems dirty. I am trying to justify the Magby Situation, but it's pretty much the same. It all had to-- well maybe not. There's always a better way.

As Issac stared blankly at the cave wall, Coal slipped from his side and to the outskirts of the gravity field.
"Not so scary now, are we?" He yelled out to the Druddigon with a smirk, following it with a small spit of flames.
"Drud!" One of them snarled as it quickly looked up at him, eyes sharpening and nostrils flaring. Coal hopped back and slowly backed away, returning back to Issac's side.
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