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Evan Lee Gildred

Silence was broken between them, just like Eva’s heart, at the long resonating sound of Solo’s howl echoing through his ears. It was a sad sound, one that could not be quantified other than a feeling of inherent loneliness people saw in the noise. It reminded Eva of a nature documentary he once saw, a lone wolf baying at the full moon. He always wondered why they did that. It always seemed so sad, almost gut wrenching. Did they howl to voice displeasure, or was it a call for help, simply begging for somebody to howl back in response and sympathize with their pain? Eva tried his best not to lose himself in the story and the emotions that were wrapped up in it, but he found himself struggling in a losing battle. Tears swelled in the corner of his eyes, but he was able to keep them at bay just enough so as not to break down once more.

Walking up to Solo’s bed, he placed a reassuring hand on the boy’s paw and patted it comfortingly. “Hey, it’s okay,” he said soothingly looking into the wolf’s eyes with strong determination once again. “I don’t know what my opinion is worth, but for what it is; I think your sister would make that trade a million times over, just to know you were safe.” Eva choked up a little bit but quickly regained composure again. “People don’t sacrifice themselves unless they truly love and care about what they are saving. Your sister apparently cared more about you than her own safety. She wouldn’t want you to be haunted by the memory of her, rather, I think it would be best if you tried to live up to it.” He stopped talking and just let silence hang once again, the tense and awkward situation creating a bit more drama than he had expected on top of the fairytale incident of the day. Giving Solo a smile, he let loose his own, admittedly weak, imitation wolf howl. A sign that he sympathized with the boy and was trying his best to understand.

“Anway...” He pulled away and surveyed the room, his hands on his hips. There was enough sadness to go around and he didn’t want to prolong Solo’s torture anymore by dredging it up. “I’m not really sure I -can- stay here. I mean, I am technically male,” he said sarcastically with a little hint of regret and loathing at his own admission. “But, I mean, I do look like this.” Gesturing down at his body, he lifted the fringe of his skirt slightly as if to emphasize his point. “Don't you have a roommate? What if people see me leaving your room in the morning? People might start to talk.” He laughed and looked up at Solo once again, hoping that he might be able to get him out of his rut. “No offence, but I could do -so- much better.” He teased him with a wink and stuck out his tongue. No longer feeling nervous, he finally felt like he could be himself around somebody. He didn’t immediately feel like he had to avert his gaze, or mumble through every word. For the first time in a long time, he felt normal.
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