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Hey there! This is Sophie or Aslan, one of the mods over at the PC Battle Server. Quite a few newcomers recently have been asking how you get promoted, what you need to do etc. I'm sure people have explained in the past, but I can't be bothered to check unfortunately. However I will try and clarify along with throw in a few details on some of the things you will need to do, to be considered worthy of moving up a rank! Also please remember rank isn't the world's most precious thing, you can be a regular user and still enjoy the server, regardless of rank. But it is a good thing to have I suppose, so onwards we go!

How to move up... well there a few important things you need to remember. You are not going to get promoted on your first day, setting foot on the server. If that happened, there would be a total imbalance of ranks unfortunately, also things like that don't really work to be honest. Try and be active, if you have been to the server before, think when was the last time you visited? Try and check back regularly, rather than disappear off the face of the Earth, if you want to be considered. :3

What about you as a person? Rudeness and being hurtful to other members, or making them feel very uncomfortable and continuing to do so even if they tell you to stop is not tolerated. Try and be polite, along with helpful towards other members. But remember to always be yourself, don't try and fake a personality, we love people for who they are not a fake personality.

Do you follow all of the rules? Are you a troublemaker? Try and follow all of PC's and the Battle Servers rules while you are chatting. That means spamming, trolling, flaming, harassing or posting pornographic content is prohibited. We like mucking around a bit, as in joking with others and swearing is alright, but try not to use swearing excessively. Also please speak English while on the server, if you cannot understand Google Translate can be provided. However if you continue to do so, you may be muted.

Also there is a golden rule for most things that involve promotions- do not ask or you will not become one. It won't do you any benefit, in fact it might actually do the opposite. Asking for authority will most likely lessen your chances, be patient it will come to you eventually. Asking could even remove your chances, if done repeatedly.

I've been waffling on a bit and to cut straight to the ca- I mean point, generally we look for helpful people, activity and other statistics. Also battling as well, we're a battle server for a reason :x. You don't have to be a legendary trainer but try and do a few battles as well while you're at it. And well that is basically my guide.

Also if you would like to see the ranks for the server, you can always do /groups and check. Other than that thanks for reading and if anyone else would like to add something in or give feedback feel free too :3.
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