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After the phone call, I felt a bit lighter. There was a little less apathy, and more drive. I don't think she could possibly have known how much she helped me, nor do I think she wouldn't be happy to have done it.

I did not tell her about tomorrow.

I stood up and looked at the sky, There's one sun and one moon for earth. I thought, but the stars in the sky are other suns and moons, it would take me years to count them all and they would just keep appearing and for once, my thoughts were with my emotions. I began walking toward the appartment, this time I had my journal to remind me where I stayed.

I walked up to the door and paused, wondering who my roommate was. I sighed, another star I thought, opening the door. I was pretty surprised to see who was inside. First I checked my journal to make sure this was in fact my room, because I saw the boy I saved earlier, and another girl.

Needless to say, I've seen this on TV. With a straight face, and a bit of awkwardness, I said "Hello, I'm Frio" and did the somewhat bad bow the girl from yesterday taught me, "What is your names?"
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