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>Harry Skipper and your faithful companion Boy George
> Sergeant Culowski and your prized marowak named Plump.
You are Harry Skipper, and your prized Marowak is named Plump. She's been with you since you were a little boy. She is slightly taller than the usual Marowak, but thinner than one as well. She grips her club like one would a sword. Her eyes are blue. You are a 5'3" black man and you're wearing a grey coat with a white shirt underneath, black pants, and a broken set of white sneakers, all very dirty.
You are currently on a bus to the mansion. Looking about you see Plump, trying to figure out the Bus Pass you two had scraped together to get long ago, a sleeping man in trench coat, various dropped trash on the floor, one item being shinier than the others. You also see the Bus Driver, eating from a bowl of chips.
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