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Quote originally posted by Shiny Electivire:
I'm in California, so PST. And yeah, Sunday should be fine
Ok, see you there. So... your FC would be?

Quote originally posted by Izuya_Namikaze:
Hi, can I adopt a female Snubbull, a male Bulbasaur (01), a male Farfetch'd? I have Pokemon SoulSilver and I want to start with these three pokemon before I get to far in the game. I would like the Snubbull to have the egg moves Close Combat, Ice Fang, & Heal Bell and also I would like Farfetch'd to have the egg moves Flail & Leaf Blade if possible. I also live in Phoenix so if I'm not mistaken I'm on MST. Thank you. Also if possible can I have them as eggs. Thanks again. Posted from App for Android
For GenIV it, is then. Sure, you can take the eggs, no prob. But then... how would you know the gender? Oh, right. Nevermind! I've got it.
I'm not so sure about the egg moves, though, because of the short nottice (breeding is an art XP) but I'll check on it.
This is for Sunday, ok? May I have your FC?

Quote originally posted by ForeverTorterra:
Could I adopt Pansage, Dunsparce, and Cubchoo?
You've got it! See you on Sunday.

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